Vendormate Credentialing

Control the Cost and Time Associated with Hospital Credentialing

Vendormate Credentialing solves your credentialing challenges and works to achieve up to 36 percent greater compliance along with our comprehensive offering of smart tools to manage credentialing requirements and healthcare facility access plans.

Denied hospital access means lost sales opportunities, which leads to lost revenue. Regardless of the size of your company, we have the right credentialing tools and pricing to help ensure access to those healthcare facilities that are critical to your business.

Features & Benefits

  • Take control of your company's need to get representatives credentialed
  • Enable key team members with anytime access to online credentialing documents
  • Pay only what you need to access targeted healthcare facilities and buyers
  • My Credential Manager offers team leads/admins a secure database and intelligent reporting for managing representative credentials, plus a flexible support team to help representatives stay hospital-compliant and sales-ready
  • Document Repository is customizable and accessible to the entire organization to keep representatives from being denied hospital access on account of missing or expired documentation
  • Annual healthcare facility access plans provide flexibility to pay only for the hospitals your company serves and opens the door to all of our network hospitals
  • Our mobile credentialing app makes it easy for representatives to check hospital compliance and facility access from the road

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Vendormate Credentialing Document Repository
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Product Information

Simplify Credentialing with GHX My Credential Manager
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Did you know your sales representatives can go mobile?
By downloading our mobile credentialing app, your sales representatives can bypass hospital kiosks when signing out — or in, where healthcare customers permit. They can also snap and upload document images to their hospital credentialing profiles.