Vendor Compliance

and Credentialing

Keeping your patients, staff, facilities and data safe is your primary responsibility

You're up to the task with a rigorous credentialing process, an extensive healthcare system network and exclusive integration with GHX—the largest digital trading network in healthcare.

More from our customers

"When we learned that GHX has a solution that credentials vendors at not only the individual rep level but also at the company level, we made them our partner."
"With help from GHX, we customized a policy that requires the majority of vendors to register and become credentialed with the hospital prior to receiving contractual payment. Vendor credentialing is required to do business with our hospital."
"Our healthcare system has a patient and family promise. We want to make sure our patients and their families are safe and that our employees and their families are safe as well,"
"We had been doing a pretty good job with credentialing, but as we added hundreds of outside clinics, additional care facilities and academic research facilities, it was apparent that we needed to standardize the process."

Take a holistic approach to vendor management—from initial vendor selection to onboarding, contracting, compliance, HIPAA business associate management, on-site credentialing and day-to-day vendor management.


Count on Dedicated Support

Product Success Managers and Delivery Managers offer comprehensive customer training. Monthly webinars for providers and suppliers round out our support.  

  • Expert implementation
  • Dedicated delivery teams
  • Customer-focused account management services

Data Rules

You rely on data and rules to keep your organization safe. Vendormate is designed with that goal in mind. Getting a Vendormate badge requires regularly updated compliance status and stringent screening processes that are applied to everyone you do business with.


WHY is it so important?

Vendor Compliance and Credentialing in Healthcare Infographic

Vendor Compliance and Credentialing in Healthcare Infographic

Do you know who you are doing business with? This infographic illustrates what vendor credentialing is, why it is so important, who needs to be credentialed and how GHX Vendormate is helping you meet your goals for patient safety and compliance.

Lead with the Facts

Vendormate provides maximum visibility into financial and sanction data about your vendors.  In fact...

  • Compliance checks are performed when a rep plans a visit, enters the geolocation fence, prints a badge or generates a digital badge
  • Weekly company-level sanction checks are performed, as well as FEIN validation, on all registered vendors. This significantly reduces the risk of unknowingly doing business with sanctioned vendors
  • Regular sanction checks are performed at both the vendor entity and individual rep levels
  • Email alerts can be sent when non-compliant parties attempt to obtain badges


Badging with Vendormate Credentialing

Learn how the Vendormate Credentialing mobile app speeds up the on-site badging process where you can quickly access a PIN for printing a badge at a kiosk or receive a digital badge when you arrive at a facility for a planned visit.