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CASE STUDY: The Total Economic Impact of the GHX Platform
Cost savings and business benefits enabled by the GHX platform for a healthcare provider and a healthcare manufacturer based on the Forrester Total Economic Impact model.
The Forrester Total Economic Impact of the GHX Platform for a Manufacturer
Key manufacturer metrics from the Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study of the GHX Platform are highlighted in this infographic.
Next-Generation EDI Mapping for Pharma
Four-page white paper about next-generation EDI mapping in the pharmaceutical industry. More and more the pharmaceutical industry is going from a one-to-one to a one-to-many approach when it comes to EDI mapping. By leveraging a next-generation EDI solution among trading partners, suppliers can improve business agility and continuity, while also cutting costs.
EDI Mapping Managed Service
Having an easy and effective way of transacting business with your trading partners is critical to future growth — don’t let resources stand in the way of a robust e-commerce strategy. Quickly build your e-commerce business with custom EDI mapping and expert management of your day-to-day needs for connectivity and monitoring.
Registration Center
GHX Registration Center lets you connect with new trading partners and add new connections to existing trading partners at your own speed, making it faster and easier than ever to reduce costs and streamline processes.
WebDirect helps small-to medium-size businesses work electronically with customers and get connected to the GHX Global Network.
With a single GHX connection, you can streamline all of your e-commerce business, produce significant cost savings, experience 99.9% uptime reliability and reduce transaction errors. The result is an improved supply chain strategy that will support your business efficiency goals.
Order Intelligence
Two-page brochure provides an overview of the features and benefits of Order Intelligence, a tool that automates the process of correcting purchase orders before they reach your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, saving time and money and helping you stay focused on more strategic activities.
Connecting and Collaborating to Deliver Real Value to Your Customers
In a highly competitive marketplace, you must be easy to do business with and deliver a great customer experience to be successful but you can't overlook costs and productivity either. My Exchange is the order management solution that addresses these key business goals.
Mergers & Acquisitions Integration Services
Two-page brochure gives an overview of how GHX Merger & Acquisition Services can help providers mitigate risk, extend their e-commerce capabilities and transform processes while they stay focused on their core business.
Mergers & Acquisitions
This two-page brochure gives an overview of how GHX Merger & Acquisition Services can help manufacturers mitigate risk, extend their e-commerce capabilities and transform processes while they stay focused on their core business.
Two-page brochure provides an overview of the features and benefits of G-Fax, a fax conversion service that automates processes, resolves errors and reduces costs.
Applying Supply Chain Best Practices from Other Industries to Healthcare
This 8-page white paper explores which supply chain practices from other industries can be adapted to the needs of healthcare. Includes perspectives from healthcare executives on how to put these concepts into practice.
Strategies for Healthcare Supply Chain Collaboration
This 12-page white paper examines ways healthcare providers and suppliers are cutting costs, reducing waste and enhancing operational performance through collaboration within their own organizations and with their trading partners.
Realizing the Full Value of GHX
This 5-page education paper for healthcare suppliers looks at data from several studies that attest to maximizing the value from e-commerce deployment and showcases best-in-class practices that can help manufacturers and distributors achieve savings beyond what they originally thought was possible.
The Total Economic Impact™ of the GHX Platform for a Manufacturer
Using results from a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study, Forrester Consulting reports findings after examining the potential return on investment a healthcare supplier may realize by deploying the GHX Exchange, and related products and services, to automate the order-to-cash cycle. Read the final Forrester report here.
Cryolife Taps the Power of Automated E-Commerce
In order to better serve its customers and expand efficiency, Cryolife tapped into the expertise of GHX to fully automate order processing across its entire trading partner community. Cryolife has improved speed, efficiency and accuracy of its ordering processes and increased overall order volume.
C.R. Bard Doubles Productivity by Leveraging e-Commerce Tools
By partnering with GHX to drive improved utilization within its customer base, C.R. Bard processes more high-quality, accurate electronic orders, reducing resources required to manually correct errors downstream.
Bard Canada
Bard Canada worked with GHX Canada to consolidate separate EDI channels through the GHX Exchange, leverage content management solutions and engage in electronic invoices with its customers. As a result Bard Canada has significantly grown its volume of touchless transactions, increasing EDI orders by 91%, decreasing manual EDI error handling by 60% and freeing the customer service team to collaborate with customers to further improve operations and reduce costs.
AliMed Leverages the GHX Community to Enhance Customer Relationships and Gain a Competitive Edge
AliMed leveraged the GHX collaborative trading partner community to increase the accuracy and efficiency of the procure-to-pay process, improve response times and build stronger customer relationships.
Punch-out Procurement with Acklands-Grainger & Sun Country
Following an exceptionally popular presentation at the Canadian Industry Stakeholder Meeting, representatives from Acklands-Grainger and Sun Country Health explore the mutual benefits of punch-out procurement.
Order Intelligence Enables BD to Review and Cleanse Orders for Improved Accuracy
Glen Pfeiffer, e-business manager, explains how GHX Order Intelligence saves the time and effort of dealing with rejected orders by giving them the opportunity to review and cleanse orders before they get into their SAP system.
Bridging Technology Gaps in Healthcare
Your customers' technology and order processes directly effect your ability to run a successful business. GHX can help you be successful regardless of the technology your customers are using.
Covidien Works with GHX to Make the Perfect Order a Reality
Jean Rosseau, vice president, Health Systems Solutions, discusses how Covidien Canada uses GHX tools to help deliver the perfect order to customers.
GHX Collaboration Reduces Costs and Drives Value for Healthcare
Scott McCallum, vice president, Zimmer Enterprise Solutions, discusses the need for participants in the healthcare supply chain to find common ground to drive cost out of the system while driving more value.
GHX Helps Siemens Healthcare Deliver on the Promise of Customer Excellence
Hear Dietmar Hein, head of Global e-Commerce for Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics discuss competitive differentiation.
Roche Diagnostics: Secrets of Success from the GHX Canadian Supplier of the Year
François Drolet, director of Business Development, and Chantal Lemieux, Customer Service Manager, discuss how working with GHX has helped Roche Diagnostics increase efficiencies to better support its customers.
Touchless Orders and eInvoicing Helps Stryker to Serve Customers at Highest Level
Sumur Underhill, Customer Service team lead at Stryker, shares how Stryker underwent a channel consolidation project with GHX for touchless transactions. Through automation, resources formally dedicated to labor-intensive data entry and invoice processing, can now be reallocated to one of Stryker’s highest priorities — servicing customers at the highest level possible.
The Accountable Supply Chain Leader
As healthcare transitions from a system that rewards value not volume, the rules are changing; so, too, must its leaders. Learn how a supply chain mindset and the essential traits of those leading companies ranging from Tesla to Netflix can lead the way to accountable care.
Leading Healthcare Organizations Strategically Align with GHX for Continuous Improvement
Healthcare leaders share how the critical need for accurate data and a source of truth is found through working strategically with GHX drives improved order efficiency, customer service and operational savings for the industry as a whole.
Biotronik Canada Meets Demands for e-Commerce with WebDirect
Dean Wood, director of Finance and Operations, talks about how his organization met that need by using GHX WebDirect to electronically receive purchase orders, send purchase order acknowledgements, cut invoices and send advance ship notices.
The Ease of ePay
GHX Customer Ben Heitner discusses the benefits and successes of ePay
The New My Exchange is Here
GHX is proud to welcome you to the new My Exchange. Alerts, notifications, real-time analytics, and collaboration tools. Some of the many reasons it’s time for your organization to transform your business with GHX.