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Credentialing Managed Service Infographic
Expertly Navigate Vendor Credentialing Compliance
GHX Vendormate makes managing vendor credentialing, compliance and facilities access faster, easier and safer than ever. Vendormate helps you drive credentialing compliance across your organization with powerful tools, insight and a dedicated team of professionals.
Whether you are new to credentialing or looking for information on your current account, the information in this document will help you prepare and complete the credentialing requirements for your health system customer’s credentialing & compliance program.
Vendor Compliance and Credentialing for Suppliers in Healthcare
Credentialing and compliance for healthcare vendors is about more than acquiring a badge. This infographic shows what is needed and why it is important for vendors to be credentialed for their customers.
Vendormate Credentialing Managed Service Can Help
Whether you have a team of 25 or 2,500, the managed service can help as a single point of contact, training for reps, immunization assistance, attestation assistance, phone support, and more.
Credentialing Managed Service
Streamline processes and free up time with Credentialing Managed Service. Whether you need help with a single project, developing a program or you need to outsource your credentialing office, our managed service can help.
Simplify Credentialing with GHX My Credential Manager
My Credential Manager helps reduce the complexity of hospital credentialing providing a comprehensive view of representative profiles and compliance status by hospital.
Vendormate Credentialing Document Repository
Document Repository is a key part of managing the credentialing process providing a centralized storage repository. View all documents, easily identify missing documentation and share documents with hospitals and third parties for more efficient credential management.
Document Repository Delivers Significant Cost and Time Savings to Top Global Medical Device Manufacturer
This quick case study shows how a top 10 global medical device manufacturer reduced costs, increased rep compliance and improved sales efficiency.
Increase Efficiency and Compliance with Document Repository
Document Repository is an efficient and cost-effective way to facilitate representative credentialing. This case study shows how one healthcare supplier company increased its credentialing rate to 93% and gets reps sales-ready quickly.
Credentialing Managed Service Helps Top Pharmaceutical Company Return Focus to Sales
Read how GHX Vendormate Credentialing helped a top ten pharmaceutical company streamline their credentialing process and help get reps sales-ready fast.
Single point of contact for all credentialing needs
Read short success stories about how medical supplier and pharmaceutical companies have streamlined their credentialing processes. Using GHX Business Process Outsourcing, these companies are saving time and money while increasing sales-readiness for their reps.
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