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CASE STUDY: The Total Economic Impact of the GHX Platform
Cost savings and business benefits enabled by the GHX platform for a healthcare provider and a healthcare manufacturer based on the Forrester Total Economic Impact model.
INFOGRAPHIC: The Forrester Total Economic Impact of the GHX Platform for a Provider
This infographic highlights the key provider metrics from the Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study of the GHX Platform
Exchange Enterprise for Cloud
Integrate a scalable, interoperable automated supply chain platform with your cloud ERP. Purpose-built for cloud ERP systems, Exchange Enterprise for Cloud is an advanced solution enabling a modern, resilient supply chain by maximizing automation and driving operational efficiency.
Order Trust: Your new normal for order processing
Improve supply chain health and maximize contract savings by standardizing your order process with Order Trust managing your entire order process.
My Exchange for Healthcare Providers
My Exchange is the order management solution that connects you to over 600 suppliers through a single EDI connection. Efficiency and cost savings are achieved with quick access to real time data and enhanced visibility across all business processes. My Exchange drives supply chain performance and reinforces good trading partner relationships.
Registration Center
GHX Registration Center lets you connect with new trading partners and add new connections to existing trading partners at your own speed, making it faster and easier than ever to reduce costs and streamline processes.
Mergers & Acquisitions Integration Services
Two-page brochure gives an overview of how GHX Merger & Acquisition Services can help providers mitigate risk, extend their e-commerce capabilities and transform processes while they stay focused on their core business.
Exchange Enterprise
To progressively influence supply chain performance you need robust workflow management tools, compliance insights, business intelligence and contract validation. Exchange Enterprise is the comprehensive solution suite that delivers in each of these areas with greater efficiency and expanded analytics.
Applying Supply Chain Best Practices from Other Industries to Healthcare
This 8-page white paper explores which supply chain practices from other industries can be adapted to the needs of healthcare. Includes perspectives from healthcare executives on how to put these concepts into practice.
Strategies for Healthcare Supply Chain Collaboration
This 12-page white paper examines ways healthcare providers and suppliers are cutting costs, reducing waste and enhancing operational performance through collaboration within their own organizations and with their trading partners.
Reducing Cost-to-Serve in Healthcare
This 7-page white paper explores specific activities that increase Cost-to-Serve in healthcare and presents ways in which providers and suppliers can enact change today to increase value and reduce costs through collaboration, citing specific examples from leading provider and supplier organizations.
Moving to GLNs #4 -- Technologies to Support the Transition for Providers
This paper presents questions that providers and their technology vendors must ask to determine if their MMIS and ERP systems are capable of transacting with GLNs.
Moving to GLNs #3 -- GLN Best Practices for Suppliers
This white paper outlines the steps suppliers must take in order to transact successfully with GLNs and fulfill the requirements of their GPO partners.
Moving to GLNs #2 -- GLN Best Practices for Providers
This white paper outlines the steps that providers must take to successfully transact with GLNs on the GHX exchange.
Moving to GLNs #1 -- Multiple Account Numbers for the Same Location
One of the primary advantages of moving to GLNs is that healthcare providers will no longer have to manage multiple account numbers from their various suppliers for the same location.
Helping Small Hospitals Succeed
This paper describes how small hospitals can use GHX Exchange Services to achieve hard dollar savings, avoid unnecessary costs and improve productivity.
Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center Cuts Costs and Gains Efficiencies Through Content and Contract Management Strategy
Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center has improved its operational and financial performance by leveraging automated content and contract management solutions, which are significantly increasing on-file and on-contract purchases while streamlining previously labor-intensive, manual processes.
Supply Chain Automation and Standardization Drive Greater Efficiency and Hard Dollar Savings for Vanguard Health Systems
Vanguard Health Systems achieved greater control over and visibility into its procure-to-pay process throughout its 28 member hospitals, expanded its electronic trading partner base by 315%, and improved contract management with more than 75% of on-contract orders matched to a firm price list, resulting in about $800K in annualized savings.
Accurate, Enriched Item Data Drives Desired Results
TransForm worked with GHX to significantly increase its volume of EDI transactions, growing its number of electronic trading partners by 275 percent and transacting 90 percent of medical-surgical purchase order (PO) volume (80% of total POs) through the GHX Exchange.
Seattle Children’s Hospital Maximizes Use of GHX Solutions to Drive Continuous Performance Improvement
In this case study learn how Seattle Children’s Hospital used the GHX Exchange, MetaTrade and CCXpert to improve operational performance and drive down costs through supply chain automation. Seattle Children’s Hospital received the GHXcellence Award for Healthcare Provider of the Year for small to medium hospitals at the 2016 GHX Summit.
Automated Content and Contract Management Drives Greater Savings for Saint Francis
Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center implemented automated content and contract management solutions to establish and maintain item master data integrity, resulting in an 87% reduction in non-file spend (from $33M to $4.3M), increased contract compliance and greater process efficiency.
Platte Valley Medical Center Improves Accuracy and Timeliness of Revenue Capture
Platte Valley Medical Center implemented an automated content management solution to cleanse item master data, enrich it with HCPCS codes and UNSPSC, and maintain data integrity over time, driving greater accuracy and efficiency in the patient billing process with improved revenue capture on $1.2 million in reimbursable medical-surgical supply items.
Order Management Automation Supports Patient Care
A large academic medical center finds a new efficient process drives accurate, timely supply delivery and focus on more strategic activity.
Onslow Memorial Hospital Identifies Nearly $150,000 in Potential Savings with Help of GHX Consulting Services
A two-page case study describing how Onslow Memorial Hospital leveraged GHX consultants to help them optimize use of our CCXpert and Metatrade solutions. As a result, it identified a potential savings of $150,000 within their supply chain operation.
Transforming Supply Chain Processes
Northern Arizona Healthcare Generates Significant Savings Through GHX Contract and Content Management Solutions
With the belief that paying any price for a product other than what has been negotiated with the supplier is a disservice to its customers, the supply chain team at Northern Arizona Healthcare (NAH) engaged in a collaborative effort with its group purchasing organization (GPO), main distributor and GHX to improve contract compliance and order accuracy through process improvements and price validation using GHX solutions. This collaboration enabled the organization to achieve $450,000 in cost avoidance through correct pricing at the point of purchase, an estimated $25,000 in annual savings from DSO reduction, and an additional $132,000 in savings from price change validation.
New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation Transforms Supply Chain
Using GHX consulting services and products, HHC transformed its supply chain into a strategic asset, cutting costs, improving operational performance, and achieving a $14 million annual savings goal.
Mount Sinai Health System nearly eliminated contract price exceptions after partnering with GHX Price Sync Managed Service
Mount Sinai Health System engaged GHX Price Sync Managed Service to nearly eliminate contract price exceptions through the Exchange resulting in contract savings of over $400K in the first year of service.
INTEGRIS Leverages GHX Content and Contract Management Solutions to Achieve an Estimated $3M in Annual Savings
Integris engaged with GHX on a master data management and contract management strategy to improve item master data quality and better leverage its negotiated contract prices for product purchases. They achieved an estimated $3M in annual savings through better contract compliance and lower non-file spend, driving down price exceptions by 25 percent and contract exceptions by 65 percent.
Data Integrity, Visibility and Collaboration Enable Hackensack University Medical Center to Control Spend
HUMC's approach to cost containment in its procure-to-pay processes included new technology, process changes and an effort to drive collaboration among clinicians, departments, its GPO and suppliers.
Froedtert Health Improved EDI Utilization to Sustain Continued Growth
When Froedtert Health opened a new distribution center, it revealed that EDI utilization was far lower than perceived. With help from GHX, Froedtert significantly increased utilization and trading partners on the Exchange, preparing the health system for future growth.
Automated Contract Management Helps Doctors Community Hospital Gain Visibility and Reduce Exceptions
Doctors Community Hospital grew GHX Exchange utilization and implemented automated contract management for improved visibility and efficiencies, resulting in close to $100,000 in hard-dollar savings in two months and a more strategic role for the Materials Management team.
Community Medical Centers’ Content and Contract Management Strategies Drive Greater Compliance, Efficiency and Savings
A three-page case study demonstrating how Community Medical Centers (CMC), the region’s largest health care provider and private employer in Fresno, utilizes GHX content management and contracting solutions to drive compliance, efficiency and savings to their supply chain operations.
Chesapeake Regional Medical Center Reduces Exceptions and Achieves Hard-Dollar Savings through Automated Contract Management
Chesapeake Regional Medical Center implemented GHX CCXpert to help automate management processes for GPO and supplier contracts, enabling the organization to increase contract compliance, reduce discrepancies and take advantage of early-pay discounts for hard-dollar savings.
Champlain Health Supply Services Collaborates to Achieve Supply Chain Savings
Using GHX consulting services and products, Champlain Health Supply Services (CHSS) transformed its supply chain, putting it on track to meet a goal to achieve $32 million in supply chain cost savings over a 10-year period.
BJC GS1 Standards Implementation Case Study
BJC successfully worked with GHX and GS1 Healthcare US to implement use of global industry standards in business transactions with suppliers and other healthcare trading partners. Today, BJC is using GLNs in all of its purchase orders transmitted through the GHX Exchange and is prepared to transact with GTINs as its vendors enumerate their products with this standard.
Bayhealth Drives Greater Efficiency and Accuracy to Supply Chain, Financial and Clinical
A three-page case study describing how Bayhealth is using our content and contract management solutions to drive greater efficiency and accuracy throughout supply chain, financial and clinical processes.
Punch-out Procurement with Acklands-Grainger & Sun Country
Following an exceptionally popular presentation at the Canadian Industry Stakeholder Meeting, representatives from Acklands-Grainger and Sun Country Health explore the mutual benefits of punch-out procurement.
Where are you on the supply chain maturity curve?
LA County Department of Health Services Realizes Cost Savings Across the Supply Chain
Jason Ginsburg, director, DHS Supply Chain Analytics, talks about how LA County Department of Health Services, one of the largest public health organizations in the U.S., uses GHX solutions to drive cost-saving initiatives.
Maximizing Transaction Automation in Your Organization
Learn how GHX Consulting can increase EDI volume through the GHX Exchange in 90 days. New to electronic invoices? That’s okay, we can help walk you through the process and navigate your MMIS to get you moving. No time to add more trading partners? We've got you covered.
The Item Master is the Center of the Universe at Medical University of South Carolina
Régine Honoré Villain, director of Supply Chain Management for Medical University of South Carolina, explains how her organization took control of its item master to meet standardization and cost savings initiatives and is using GHX NuVia.
Moving to a Consumption Model for Better Supply Chain Management
Curtis Dudley, vice president of Integrated Business Solutions at ROi, a health care supply chain company founded by Mercy Health System, discusses ROi’s unique supply chain model of “disintermediation,” which enables ROi to track the consumption of supplies in surgical procedures and better manage supplies.
Optimizing Your Supply Chain Processes to Drive Efficiencies and Savings
Optimizing supply chain processes is a critical step to moving your supply chain to best-in-class. GHX offers services that can help you streamline your organization to help achieve savings and efficiency results. Learn about the services that GHX can provide!
Peace Health Successfully Centralizes Data with the NuVia Content Management Solution
Mike Rodman, manager Supply Chain Process and Data, explains how his team benefits from NuVia regularly because it enables them to normalize descriptions, identify duplicates in the system and troubleshoot them ahead of time.
Phoebe Putney Health System Achieves 99% Paper-Free Invoicing Through GHX OnDemand AP® Solution
Lisa Armstrong, Accounting Manager, discusses how GHX OnDemand AP® has helped Phoebe Putney drive greater efficiency, accuracy and visibility in the accounts payable (AP) department, enabling the organization to reduce AP staffing levels and capture approximately $300,000 in accruals that they had previously not found.
Plexxus Runs its Entire e-Commerce Business through the GHX Exchange
Don Cummer, account executive, talks about how Plexxus embarked on an ambitious project to add hundreds of suppliers to the GHX Exchange and improve its PO processes.
The Accountable Supply Chain Leader
As healthcare transitions from a system that rewards value not volume, the rules are changing; so, too, must its leaders. Learn how a supply chain mindset and the essential traits of those leading companies ranging from Tesla to Netflix can lead the way to accountable care.
Your Customers Advocate for eCommerce
GHX provider customers talk about the necessity of e-commerce. For providers and suppliers alike, working electronically helps save time and improve accuracy while lowering the overall cost of doing business.
Increasing Supplier Diversity to Drive Positive Economic Impact
Adopting a supplier diversity program is not only beneficial for supply chain, but also for the local community and beyond. Hear from Grady Health System on their approach to diverse purchasing including measuring and accountability, creating educational awareness internally and externally, and cultivating partnership development.
Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center Keeps Data Up-to-Date and Accurate with NuVia
David Farrar, MMIS analyst, talks about the value of NuVia in helping his organization to continually stay in sync with manufacturer, and vendor, item IDs as well as ensure correct contract pricing.
Champlain Health Works with GHX to Achieve $32 Million in Savings
John Martin, regional lead at Champlain Health Supply Services, talks about how his organization is on track to achieve $32 million in supply chain savings well before its 10-year goal.
ROi Improves the Value of Its Item Master with NuVia
Sharon Serra, manager of Content Services, ROi, talks about how NuVia helps her organization manage content and provides ongoing data cleansing.
User Driven Notifications – Better for You, Better for Your Business
Looking for a way to do your job better and more efficiently? The new GHX Alerts and Notifications application in My Exchange is here to help. During this session, we will explore why notifications are important to your business and the relevance they have to support your individual job roles and contributions.
Ranking and Paving the Way to Best 50 Performance
Does your organization strive to be the best? Discover best practices used by GHX Best 50 Providers that tackle the challenges they encounter while identifying relevant Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) related to ongoing e-commerce metrics tracking.
Leading Healthcare Organizations Strategically Align with GHX for Continuous Improvement
Healthcare leaders share how the critical need for accurate data and a source of truth is found through working strategically with GHX drives improved order efficiency, customer service and operational savings for the industry as a whole.
Trading Partner Connectivity
GHX Customer, Jack Koczela (Director of Systems and Analytics for Supply Chain at Froedtert Health) discusses advancing supply chain performance through increasing trading partner connectivity and consolidating connections.
The Ease of ePay
GHX Customer Ben Heitner discusses the benefits and successes of ePay
The New My Exchange is Here
GHX is proud to welcome you to the new My Exchange. Alerts, notifications, real-time analytics, and collaboration tools. Some of the many reasons it’s time for your organization to transform your business with GHX.
Healthcare Providers, Take the Complexity Out of the Supply Chain
You’re the experts at delivering patient care. We’re the experts at optimizing the healthcare supply chain. Stay focused on what you do best. You can save up to 12 percent of your total supply chain costs by maximizing supply chain automation and accuracy with GHX.