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Provider / Business Intelligence
CASE STUDY: The Total Economic Impact of the GHX Platform
Cost savings and business benefits enabled by the GHX platform for a healthcare provider and a healthcare manufacturer based on the Forrester Total Economic Impact model.
INFOGRAPHIC: The Forrester Total Economic Impact of the GHX Platform for a Provider
This infographic highlights the key provider metrics from the Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impactâ„¢ (TEI) study of the GHX Platform
Provider Intelligence
Provider Intelligence (PI) is a cloud-based application that measures and tracks supply chain metrics. Achieve goals for vendor standardization, non-file spend reduction and increased contract compliance using simple data visualization provided through PI.
Exchange Enterprise
To progressively influence supply chain performance you need robust workflow management tools, compliance insights, business intelligence and contract validation. Exchange Enterprise is the comprehensive solution suite that delivers in each of these areas with greater efficiency and expanded analytics.
Leading Healthcare Organizations Strategically Align with GHX for Continuous Improvement
Healthcare leaders share how the critical need for accurate data and a source of truth is found through working strategically with GHX drives improved order efficiency, customer service and operational savings for the industry as a whole.