Realizing operational excellence that wins with customers and prepares you for growth

Massive disruption in healthcare leads to long-haul supply chain trends


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Don’t underestimate the power of being easy to do business with

Your customers’ expectations for ease of doing business are high—and growing—with an undeniable move to digitize as many processes as possible. Operational excellence is in high demand with the reality of supply chain and labor challenges leaving a lasting mark on healthcare. But the good news is that what your customers need also allows you to scale your operations more efficiently as you grow.

Your customers enjoy

  • Decreased manual activities with increased e-commerce automation
  • Orders and other transactions managed with a single, standardized connection
  • The ability to connect and transact with thousands of manufacturers in a more consistent way

And for you

  • Less manual work leads to scalable operations, ready to support growth and operational excellence goals
  • Insulation from costly, complicated and manual technology maintenance
  • The ability to connect with healthcare’s largest supply chain network, 90% of U.S. acute care market