OrderĀ Trust

Trust your order process

A patient is the purpose behind every order placed. The impact of manual and disparate order processing with non-automated suppliers can be significant. Order Trust locks down the order process for all suppliers to give you visibility and confidence that your orders are received.

The complex order process is managed entirely through Order Trust

Order Trust provides total order management, providing an electronic view within My Exchange of all purchase order acknowledgements (POAs) received. A comprehensive supplier program maximizes connectivity to your suppliers and delivers POAs within the My Exchange dashboard to drive savings, efficiency and confidence in your ability to deliver the right products when they are needed.

Order Trust Process

Order Management Automation Supports Patient Care

Order Management Automation Supports Patient Care

A large academic medical center finds a new efficient process drives accurate, timely supply delivery and focus on more strategic activity.

Improve supply chain health and maximize contract savings by standardizing your order process with Order Trust managing your entire order process.

Features & Benefits

  • Boost efficiency with a standardized and automated order process for all suppliers
  • Increase your electronic trading partner volume with GHX managing your registration process and boost your Exchange utilization
  • Receive all POAs in My Exchange
  • Identify and prioritize orders that need attention with daily action reports
  • Validate contract pricing with a three-way price match for local and GPO contracts