Price  Sync  Managed  Service

Increase contract price alignment and reduce exceptions

A consistent and focused approach to increase match rates and to reduce overpayment is needed to capture savings lost from contract price misalignment.

GHX can provide the expertise and dedicated attention needed to help regain contracted savings. The service loads contracts electronically for maximum visibility, aligns updated contract prices to your item master, and then price validates with electronic orders. With a dedicated and scalable supplier outreach program, GHX can accomplish resolution at the contract level.

We focus on contract price alignment and resolving discrepancies with suppliers on your behalf for savings on total spend. Your team can focus on other value-added activities.

A focused effort on contract price alignment

Features & Benefits

  • Automated contract price management

  • Price exceptions tracked at the contract level

  • View metrics in My Exchange

  • A scalable solution and ongoing communication with suppliers

  • Identifies and updates contract prices and aligns with your item master

  • Generates contract match analysis reports, key performance measurements and metrics

Price Sync Managed Service

Price Sync Managed Service

Price Sync Managed Service provides a dedicated focus for ongoing contract price alignment. Significantly reduce exceptions and increase contract match rates for up to 3 percent savings of your total spend.

Case Study

Mount Sinai Health System nearly eliminated contract price exceptions after partnering with GHX Price Sync Managed Service
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Case Study

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