AP Automation

Strategic Cash Management
Strategic Cash Management

Finish Strong with Efficient Invoicing and Payment Processing

If you are overlooking the “last mile” of supply chain, you are leaving opportunities on the table for efficiency, control and more rebates. With GHX AP Automation, strategic cash management opportunities are enabled for measurable financial returns. GHX helps you automate the invoicing process so you can deliver up to 100 percent of your invoices electronically and control payment flow.

Touchless invoicing

Paper-based invoicing is slow and inaccurate, but GHX helps you automate the invoicing process so you can deliver up to 100 percent of your invoices electronically with sophisticated business rules to easily track, route and approve invoices, and gain greater visibility and an audit trail of edits and approvals. OnDemand AP® is available in three levels of service, providing greater workflow automation and visibility with each increase in service level.

Improve financial and operational efficiency

Automate payment processing and reconciliation with security, simplicity and efficiency. GHX ePay provides a standardized payment platform for a more consistent and predictable process, but with flexibility in payment to access rebates or extended payment options for various modes of settlement – even with suppliers that don’t accept cards. Concerned about implementation? This is not an IT project – it takes just a few weeks from start to finish.

Payables Automation for Healthcare

Payables Automation for Healthcare

The healthcare industry is under increasing pressure to reduce costs while providing a high level of service. The additional stress requires a new perspective for accounts payable and payments management. Payables Automation for Healthcare, based on research conducted by PayStream Advisors, features insight on the current state of AP, and the impact and benefits found in new technology solutions.


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