Optimize Vendor Credentialing Compliance. Be proactive with the GHX 5-Part Framework.

Aim for a comprehensive view of vendor credentialing compliance. The GHX 5-Part Framework developed by our Compliance Specialist Team is based on the seven foundational industry compliance elements to help you manage credentialing compliance across your organization.

The GHX 5-Part Framework can help you operationalize industry best practices.

Health System

1. Health System Compliance

Standardize credentialing processes and enforcement using the same tools across your health system to boost overall performance. How are you performing on enterprise-wide compliance?


2. Vendor Compliance

Vendor entities that come on-site—and those that don’t—should register with a credentialing platform. How many vendors on your accounts payable list are credentialed?


3. Individual Compliance

Vendor representatives should be registered with a credentialing platform and not only medical and pharmaceutical product representatives. Are you doing business with representatives that are not registered?


4. Document & Policy Compliance

Require all vendors and their staff to comply with local, state and national policies and documentation requirements. Do you know if your facilities are current on document and policy compliance?


5. Badging & Facility Access

Address visitor and vendor facility access with a badging solution. Does every facility in your network require a badge?

We can help you see the big picture. Our Compliance Specialist Team uses a metric-driven approach to help you improve credentialing compliance performance.

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