GHX Honors Top-Performing Healthcare Providers with 2023 Supply Chains of Distinction Award

— Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Global Healthcare Exchange (GHX) today announced the inaugural class of its Supply Chains of Distinction Award for 2023, which recognizes top performing hospitals and health systems in North America. Industry-leading supply chains have evolved to become more automated, data-driven and resilient, giving rise to a set of best practice "perfect order" metrics that measure an organization’s supply chain performance. The Supply Chains of Distinction Award honors GHX Exchange-connected provider organizations that excelled in driving best-in-class supply chain operations. This is achieved through the successful execution of perfect order metrics during a calendar year. This year’s recipients will be honored at the 2024 GHX Summit taking place May 13-16, 2024 in Austin, TX.

"Each of these outstanding organizations demonstrates a deep commitment to innovation in service to a more reliable, responsive and resilient healthcare supply chain," said Tina Vatanka Murphy, president and CEO, GHX. "Together, they’re driving the industry forward and making positive, lasting contributions to the patients and families we serve together. I look forward to honoring them at this year’s Summit."

Winners represent the top 25 performers across three segments: Small, Medium and Large. The following organizations represent the class of 2023 Supply Chains of Distinction Award recipients.





The award is based upon a set of "perfect order" metrics, rated as a percentage of PO lines sent across the GHX Exchange (integrated) that are touchless and completely automated, from purchase through payment. The line must satisfy all the requirements below to be rated as "perfect":

GHX has also launched a Perfect Order Dashboard featuring monthly performance metrics and rankings, helping to empower hospitals and health systems to commit to best-in-class practices around order performance throughout the year.

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