GHX and AHVAP Share Results from New Survey Identifying Challenges and Opportunities in Healthcare Value Analysis

Underscores the need for clinical collaboration and data to fuel more informed value-based decision-making
— Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Global Healthcare Exchange (GHX) and the Association of Healthcare Value Analysis Professionals (AHVAP) announced the results of an industry-wide survey designed to analyze the current state of healthcare value analysis (HVA) and how these programs are functioning in a post-pandemic era. The survey reveals a range of complex challenges and opportunities within HVA as the industry transitions to value-based care.

HVA has a pivotal role in ensuring that every dollar a hospital spends contributes to improved patient outcomes and optimized resource utilization. However, the survey found HVA professionals face various obstacles that hinder their ability to optimize value, including data inaccessibility, the need for greater clinical engagement and standardization, and the pressure of cost-containment.

"Today’s healthcare value analysis professionals recognize the importance of forging strong partnerships with clinical teams. By combining data with clinical evidence, they can make more informed purchasing decisions that help improve cost, quality and outcomes," said Suzanne Smith, BSN, RN, Solution Advisor at GHX. "But to help their organizations deliver better patient care and manage increasing healthcare costs and supply chain disruptions, they require insight into organizational metrics and frameworks, as well as an opportunity to diversify their skillsets."

Key Takeaways

"The findings are not just statistics—they’re a call to action," stated J. Hudson Garrett Jr., Ph.D., executive director and executive vice president, AHVAP. "We are excited to correlate these findings with the core competencies for value analysis. We are operationalizing these insights to bridge the identified knowledge gaps and empower HVA professionals through certification opportunities, professional development support and webinars—including one with industry partner GHX—designed to share the knowledge and resources needed to navigate these challenges and continue fostering professional growth."

For more insight on HVA challenges and opportunities, download the full whitepaper here:


The survey was completed by 1,681 U.S. healthcare leaders between June and July 2023. Survey respondents identified their primary place of practice/employment in multiple delivery systems of healthcare with the majority (51.2%) found in Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs).

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