Explorer, a GHX Company, Chosen by Valencia Technologies to Help Accelerate Commercialization Efforts for eCoin® Device

Valencia Technologies harnesses digital case support platform to expand procedural expertise and product adoption
Chicago, IL — Thursday, December 15, 2022

Explorer, a GHX company, has expanded its presence in the neurostimulation industry with the announcement of its newest customer, Valencia Technologies (“Valencia”). Specializing in implantable neuromodulation technology, Valencia is transforming the standard of care for overactive bladder with eCoin®, a tibial implant for Urgency Urinary Incontinence (UUI). Through this collaboration, Valencia’s device representatives and key opinion leaders (KOLs) can leverage the Explorer digital case support technology to accelerate clinical education and training.

The cloud-based Explorer platform facilitates consistent and instant collaboration and support between proctors, KOLs and medical device representatives to help reinforce best practices during live cases. Among the many advantages affiliated with its technology, the Explorer platform has several leading-edge components including:

Dr. Alexandra Rogers, vice president of procedural training, and Erinne Esacoff, director of procedural training at Valencia Technologies, co-led the initiative to identify a technology that could help scale Valencia’s remote proctoring support.

“As we continue market development efforts, Explorer will help our team broaden procedural expertise so that patients can more readily access neuromodulation as our technology becomes widely available,” said Dr. Rogers. “The opportunities Explorer opens are significant. Not only does the platform enable Valencia to provide inclusive access to the latest in urgency urinary incontinence treatment, it also expands proctoring opportunities to qualified physicians who practice outside large cities or academic medical centers.”

Traditionally, proctoring live cases involves traveling to enable peer-to-peer physician education related to novel medical technology. As an adjunct to in-person support, Valencia’s pioneering approach to digital case support means physician partners can opt to learn about cutting-edge medical devices from their practice, saving time and resources. Additionally, intraprocedural data collection will help Valencia track procedure duration and analyze the data over time.

“Expanding access to procedural expertise is critical to optimizing patient outcomes and accelerating commercial opportunities, and teleproctoring is one of the most efficient and effective ways to achieve rapid scale,” said Explorer Executive Director Ryan Padilla. “We are excited to collaborate with such an innovative medical device company like Valencia that is leading efforts to increase surgical proficiency for UUI-related cases through awareness and education.”

About Explorer, a GHX Company

As part of the GHX vision of creating a viable and sustainable future for healthcare, the Explorer platform helps create meaningful collaboration opportunities between medical device companies and healthcare providers to help accelerate product adoption, democratize access to best procedural practices, advance medical device innovation, and foster improved outcomes. We help move healthcare forward in its goal of providing patients with access to the best possible care and outcomes via unlimited livestreaming of cases, interactive procedural playbooks and intraprocedural data collection.

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