GHX’s Karen Conway Tapped to Share Healthcare Supply Chain Expertise at Upcoming Global Conferences

Conway to Discuss the Potential for the Supply Chain, Data Standards and International Collaboration to Support Resiliency and Sustainability
Louisville, CO — Monday, November 2, 2020

Global Healthcare Exchange, LLC (GHX) today announced Karen Conway, vice president, healthcare value, will be sharing her deep healthcare supply chain expertise as a speaker at three upcoming global events. These include the Global UDI and Master Data Forum (November 11-12); The Health Care Supply Association (HCSA) Reunite Conference (November 17-18); and the third Saving Lives Sustainably: Global Forum 2020 Sustainable Production in the Health Sector (November 18-19).

Conway is a widely recognized industry expert who is an accomplished speaker and writer on the role of supply chain in supporting the objectives of value-based healthcare. She is the past national chair of the Association for Healthcare Resource and Materials Management (AHRMM) and serves on the boards of the Strategic Marketplace Initiative (SMI), the Bellwether League, the GS1 Global Healthcare Leadership Team, the expert advisory council for the Supply Chain Advancement Network in Health and the healthcare advisory board for CAPS Research. Conway is a co-author of the global leadership book, “Leading from the Edge,” a contributing author to eBusiness in Healthcare and a monthly Healthcare Purchasing News columnist on “Standard Practices.”  

Global UDI and Master Data Forum – November 12
The Global UDI and Master Data Forum event is the industry’s leading platform for answers to the challenges of global UDI compliance and master data management. Conway will present a session entitled, “From Disaster to Demand Planning: UDI Delivers Value to Providers and Suppliers Today and Tomorrow.” In this presentation, she will discuss how the pandemic is changing the nature of conversations between suppliers and providers, with greater focus on how to strengthen supply chain resiliency, enable demand planning and support bi-directional inventory visibility. Conway will examine how each of these outcomes can provide value across the entire supply chain and will raise awareness of the value of UDIs beyond regulatory compliance. She will also explore how broader adoption of UDIs can support future pandemic and emergency response alongside how the use of standard identifiers can help to increase healthcare efficiencies, lower costs, improve patient safety and support more strategic provider-supplier relationships.

HCSA Reunite – November 17
The HCSA Reunite event brings together policy makers and thought leaders in the UK to discuss the current and future landscape for NHS public sector procurement. Conway will lead the session titled “The Global COVID-19 Classroom: Procurement Leaders from around the World Share Lessons Learned,” where she will share how procurement leaders from around the globe responded to critical supply shortages during COVID-19. James Minards, Country Sales Manager, UK & Ireland, will also provide views on best practice inventory management.

Saving Lives Sustainably: Global Forum 2020 Sustainable Production in the Health Sector – November 19
The third Saving Lives Sustainably: Global Forum 2020 Sustainable Production in the Health Sector, sponsored by the United Nations Development Programme, is being held as a pre-event to the G20 Summit, taking place two days later. Conway will participate in the closing panel on "Leadership for Sustainability in the Health Sector: Moving Towards 2021." This panel will cover how companies and development organizations are advancing sustainability efforts despite resource constraints and the expectations for how they will proceed as 2021 approaches.

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