GHX Launches Mobile-Enhanced Healthcare Vendor Credentialing

Vendormate Credentialing solution integrates new geolocation service for digital badging and dynamic PIN creation based on real-time vendor compliance validation
Louisville, CO — Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Global Healthcare Exchange, LLC (GHX) today announced that it has launched a mobile-enhanced Vendormate Credentialing application with new geolocation service capabilities. The mobile application provides healthcare suppliers and providers an efficient and convenient solution that can increase compliance of provider procedures and federal mandates while utilizing industry best practices for vendor credentialing.

The need for advanced credentialing solutions is only growing, according to Adam Josephson, director Product Management, at GHX. Today, more than 205,000 suppliers and 600 health systems are utilizing GHX credentialing to meet goals for patient safety, regulatory compliance, internal controls, and facility access requirements. Last year, more than 2.5 million badges were printed at health systems with Vendormate Credentialing, which averages to roughly 6,000 a day. “The healthcare industry needs more advanced mobile solutions to make collaboration easier and more seamless for busy supplier representatives to meet the compliance requirements of their customer hospitals,” said Josephson.

The new capabilities are a significant enhancement to Vendormate Credentialing, delivering new features that benefit both suppliers and providers. Providers can efficiently screen and monitor supplier representatives for compliance with policies and government mandates. Providers can manage both vendor entities as well as individual representatives with ongoing sanction list checks and integrated badging to meet compliance standards set by vendor management policies.

The geolocation service exponentially increases the ease for representatives to check hospital compliance and facility access prior to their scheduled visits. This new capability triggers the needed action to obtain a physical or digital badge for a planned visit, configurable for each facility’s access policies. It determines that the supplier is onsite and generates a digital badge that can be displayed on their device or directs the individual to a badge station for those facilities requiring physical badges. It also provides simplified access to a printed badge from any kiosk with a real time, dynamic and unique digital PIN for each rep and location.

“Providers have responsibility for patient and employee protection and safety while properly managing the risks that can be associated with doing business with their supplier partners,” said Josephson. “But suppliers are equally in need of significant technology improvements in accreditation to make it easier for them to do their job and gain access to the people and facilities that are critical to patients and to their business. At GHX we have infused the Vendormate Credentialing solution with capabilities that will benefit both sides of the healthcare compliance equation.”

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