GHX Responds to New ONC and CMS Ruling Expanding the Use of UDI

Louisville, CO — Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The language in the ONC and CMS rulings that expand the use of unique device identifiers (UDI) in electronic healthcare records (EHRs) is an important step toward a more holistic view of implantable medical devices. These devices play an important role in healthcare delivery, and having a common language to identify them will lead to a better understanding of their role in improving the cost and quality of healthcare. GHX has long been a supporter of data standards in healthcare, whether it is helping manufacturers comply with the UDI rule or enabling providers to incorporate standardized product data in their systems and business processes. The key is speaking a common language, which can reduce many of the functional and technological silos to improve visibility and efficiencies in healthcare. Most importantly, better information as to the real world performance of medical devices - in terms of both quality and cost - will increase the value we can deliver to patients.

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