2015 GHX Healthcare Supply Chain Summit Tackles Changing Healthcare Landscape, Focusing on Lower Costs, Improved Patient Outcomes

15th Annual Summit Offers More Than 75 Educational Sessions including Keynote Speakers Addressing Industry’s Continued Need for Innovation, Supply Chain Data Mining, Trading Partner Relationships
Louisville, CO — Monday, April 13, 2015

The 2015 GHX Healthcare Supply Chain Summit, just one month from now, is shaping up to be one of the industry’s most important gatherings for healthcare leaders working together to deliver better operational efficiencies, improved financial savings, and higher performing supply chains. At the 15th annual GHX Healthcare Supply Chain Summit, May 4-6, 2015, in Phoenix, Ariz., leaders from across healthcare will gather to explore these opportunities with a common goal to deliver better healthcare. 

Each year, the GHX Summit convenes a collaborative forum for healthcare leaders and experts who gather to share current and future industry trends, best practices, and real life case studies showcasing successful strategies to build a more connected, intelligent supply chain that can be leveraged to both reduce costs and improve the state of patient care.

In addition to keynote presentations by senior GHX executives on current GHX strategic direction and new industry solutions, the 2015 GHX Healthcare Supply Chain Summit keynote presentations will feature:

Noted healthcare futurist Ian Morrison will analyze the key drivers of healthcare change and review the promising signs from major players who have already embraced the innovation imperative, all with a focus on the key implications for supply chain stakeholders.

Supply chain and clinical leaders from Mayo Clinic and Mercy discuss how a broader and more integrated view of product data can help providers and suppliers design, market, source, track and research which products deliver the best value for patient care.

Policy expert Ron Brownstein returns to the GHX Summit five years after his 2010 keynote following the Affordable Care Act, bringing his expertise as part journalist, part historian and shrewd political observer to talk about what we might expect with a new Congress, millions more insured, and what worked as expected and what didn’t. 

Eric Greitens, Navy SEAL, Rhodes Scholar, boxing champion, humanitarian leader and Ph.D. from Oxford University, shares the philosophy from his New York Times best-selling memoir, The Heart & the Fist. The key to effectively solving the world's problems or simply living a meaningful life requires living with both courage and compassion.

In addition, attendees will chose from among 69 product and industry educational sessions or forums, including:

The GHX Healthcare Supply Chain Summit is the largest event for healthcare supply chain leaders, bringing together participants from across the industry to address critical issues within a collaborative environment. Healthcare providers, manufacturers, distributors and group purchasing organizations convene to share current and future industry trends, best practices and real life case studies showcasing successful strategies for operational excellence. To view the complete agenda for the Summit or to register, visit http://www.ghx.com/supply-chain-summit.

About GHX

Global Healthcare Exchange, LLC (GHX) is driving costs out of healthcare by transforming the healthcare supply chain. Working with providers and suppliers, GHX is accelerating change by providing a faster, more efficient and collaborative supply chain that will take billions of dollars out of the cost of healthcare. In November 2014, GHX acquired Vendormate, a leader in vendor credentialing and procurement cycle management software and services for healthcare providers and suppliers. For more information, visit www.ghx.com and The Healthcare Hub.  

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