GHX Launches Next-Generation Healthcare Exchange

Three-Year, Multi-Million Dollar CoreX Initiative to Build the GHX Global Exchange into the Most Advanced, Sophisticated E-Commerce Platform Available In Healthcare
Phoenix, AZ and Louisville, CO — Monday, May 4, 2015

GHX announced today at the company’s annual Healthcare Supply Chain Summit that it has launched a new version of the company’s flagship GHX Global Exchange. The result of a three-year, multi-million development initiative called CoreX , the new GHX Global Exchange employs the latest in cloud technology advancements to help ensure that it remains the most advanced and sophisticated e-commerce exchange available in healthcare.

With 15 years of industry experience, utilizing highly advanced technology and a team of expert industry talent, the CoreX-developed Global Exchange delivers a platform that delivers advances in security, scalability, reliability, transparency and usability for real-time interactions between trading partners like never before. Today, with more than 22,000 healthcare provider facilities and more than 10,000 healthcare suppliers and distributors transacting business through the GHX Global Exchange, the new capabilities help ensure that GHX customers and the healthcare industry have access to an innovative solution designed specifically for healthcare.

"This is a breakthrough for healthcare. The new GHX Exchange is a quantum step forward in GHX’s legacy of delivering leading solutions for our large global network of provider and supplier healthcare customers,” said Bruce Johnson, president and CEO of GHX. "It’s not difficult to argue that healthcare is one of the most complex and critical industries both in North America and around the world. For too long healthcare has lagged other industries in supply chain sophistication. Our new Global Exchange puts one of the most advanced solutions available into the hands of healthcare to help our customers solve for this very dynamic healthcare environment.”

The GHX Global Exchange was redesigned from the ground up to take advantage of technological advances in cloud security, scalability to handle the increasing volume of data that permeates healthcare, and the agility required to keep pace with industry needs.In addition, the new Exchange is designed to take advantage of technology advances in computing infrastructure, connectivity and cloud computing.

“Most importantly for our customers, the new GHX Global Exchange delivers significant advances in user experience features including multi-device compatibility making it mobile-ready, self-service partner registration and document processing, and customizable alerts for greater data visibility,” added Johnson. “Additionally, in today’s healthcare environment, delivering advanced security capabilities was a critical priority. Healthcare providers and manufacturers will benefit from best-practice security and auditing techniques, which provide a centralized, non-reputable message trail for all activities that occur in the system. The mission is safeguarding data."

The new GHX Global Exchange includes:

Advanced Security

Massive Scale

Continual Reliability

Expanded Transparency

Improved User Experience

Customer migrations to the CoreX-developed Global Exchange were begun in March 2015 and will continue through 2015.

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