GHX Spotlights Critical Issues on UDI and Quality Data Capture at Upcoming Healthcare Industry Events

Karen Conway to Discuss Strategies for UDI Adoption and Data Quality during AHRMM/HIMSS Webinar and S.M.A.R.T. Informatics Think Tank Meeting
Louisville, CO — Wednesday, January 28, 2015

GHX is committed to helping providers and suppliers understand the evolving supply chain, including emerging regulations and the supply chain's growing role as an enabler of clean, accurate healthcare data. Karen Conway, Executive Director, Industry Relations for GHX, a recognized thought leader on evolving supply chain issues and the UDI rule, will participate in two upcoming events to help supplier and provider organizations better understand UDI requirements and how improved device data capture will impact the healthcare continuum.  

Building Quality Into the Medical Device Ecosystem: Opportunities and Insights

Conway will moderate a free webinar presented by AHRMM and HIMSS entitled "Building Quality Into the Medical Device Ecosystem: Opportunities and Insights" on Feb. 4 at noon ET.  The webinar will focus on the necessity for coordination and an understanding of the obstacles and challenges when building quality into the design, use and surveillance of advanced medical technology.  The webinar will provide insights into how hospitals and healthcare systems evaluate quality across the medical technology devices they are procuring, how UDI can be used for better post market performance of medical technology devices, and how UDI can help leverage and better inform the design of medical technology devices, resulting in improved procurement decisions. To register for the free webinar, click here.

S.M.A.R.T. Informatics Think Tank Meeting

Conway will participate in the S.M.A.R.T. Informatics Think Tank Meeting focused on improving device data capture in electronic health information, taking place Feb. 24-25 in Rockville, MD.  The meeting will focus on a number of key issues, including promoting collaboration across those involved in both pre- and post-market device data collection and use to prioritize those informatics components of the device ecosystem that would benefit most from changes to the capture of source data as part of routine patient care, and raising awareness and promoting alignment of data collection and analysis efforts at the national and international levels to increase the likelihood that changes made to the capture, transmission, and storage or source device data would be used by downstream systems.  To learn more about the meeting and its objectives, visit

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