Transforming the Business of Healthcare Focus of 2014 GHX Healthcare Supply Chain Summit Keynote Presentations

Transforming the Business of Healthcare Focus of 2014 GHX Healthcare Supply Chain Summit Keynote Presentations
Louisville, CO — Monday, March 31, 2014

The healthcare industry is facing unprecedented challenges, including declining reimbursements, consolidation among provider organizations, and pressure to deliver higher quality care at a lower cost. While there is temptation to try to “patch up”the wrongs in the healthcare system and proceed with business as usual, nothing short of a fundamental and monumental transformation will enable the industry to survive and thrive. At the 14th annual GHX Healthcare Supply Chain Summit, May 5-7, 2014, in Philadelphia, keynote presenters will examine the emerging business of healthcare and the critical need for industry leaders to conceive and execute bold, meaningful change throughout their organizations.

“Because the supply chain serves as the backbone of healthcare, linking critical functions, systems and data, it must become a sustainable ecosystem that allows organizations to prepare for the future,”said GHX Summit Advisory Board Chair Cheryl Flury. “During this year’s Summit Advisory Board meeting, members were clear about several critical needs:

Each year, the GHX Summit convenes a collaborative forum for healthcare leaders to come together to build a more connected, intelligent and visible supply chain that can be leveraged to both drive out costs and improve the state of patient care.”

The 2014 GHX Healthcare Supply Chain Summit keynote presentations will feature:

James Orlikoff, president of Orlikoff &Associates, Inc., on the new normal of healthcare and the need for leaders to drive their organizations to become something different, as opposed to simply doing old things better or incrementally different. His presentation will outline the forces driving revolutionary change, the challenges leaders face in confronting them, and suggest approaches to effective transformative leadership to insure organizational survival.

Chuck Franz, chief information officer, Cook Group, and Paul Helmering, VP, Technology, Information &Business Solutions, Mercy ROi, with Karen Conway, executive director, Industry Relations, GHX, will discuss why providers and suppliers are beginning to invest resources in areas that are not yet regulatory requirements. These executives will share insights into the challenges their organizations faced, along with the value they’re receiving by doing what’s right, not just what’s required.

Jitendra Prasad, senior vice president of Contracting, Procurement &Supply Management, Alberta Health Services, shares the story of how his team has driven efficiency and cost savings by working together with key business partners and taking a more holistic approach to supply chain management, as well as measuring business outcomes rather than more traditional, transactional objectives.

Dr. Ram Raju, CEO, New York Health &Hospitals Corporation (HHC), a physician and business leader who is working to transform the nation’s largest public health system - with 11 public hospitals and a $250 million operating deficit - into one of greater efficiency and quality, while delivering care to its population at ever-lower costs by bringing together the operational and clinical sides of healthcare.

Ben Stein, award-winning economist, writer and commentator, draws on lessons learned from other industries to offer ways in which healthcare providers and suppliers can work together to improve business performance, including efficient and secure sharing of “Big Data,”increased process automation, and leveraging the supply chain as a foundational element to becoming more streamlined and highly cost-effective.

Now in its 14th year, the Healthcare Supply Chain Summit by GHX is the largest event for healthcare supply chain leaders, bringing together participants from across the industry to address critical issues within a collaborative environment. Healthcare providers, manufacturers, distributors and group purchasing organizations convene to share current and future industry trends, best practices and real life case studies showcasing successful strategies for operational excellence. To view the complete agenda for the Summit or to register, visit here.

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