Supply & Demand Chain Executive Selects Medical University of South Carolina/ GHX Collaboration as 2014 Great Supply Chain Project

GHX content and contract management strategy enables MUSC to reduce errors and improve compliance, driving $1M+ in savings
Louisville, CO — Thursday, May 22, 2014

A collaborative effort between Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) and GHX to drive supply chain savings through improved master data management, greater business process automation and increased contract compliance has been chosen by Supply &Demand Chain Executive as one of its 2014 100 Great Supply Chain Projects. The award program honors supply chain solution and service providers that are helping their customers and clients achieve supply chain excellence.

MUSC’s procurement-to-pay processes were largely manual and its item master contained inaccurate, inconsistent and incomplete data. Furthermore, individuals outside of procurement were manipulating item master data, increasing the risk for transactional errors. This lack of visibility and control over data and transactions drove up non-file procurement, off-contract purchases and price exception rates.

In 2011, MUSC implemented the GHX NuVia(SM) content management solution to establish and maintain item master data integrity and embarked on a concerted effort to increase business process automation and contract compliance leveraging two additional GHX solutions, CCXpert and Procurement Suite, achieving $1 million in cost avoidance and $370,000 in savings related to contract and tier price compliance in less than 12 months (to view the MUSC/GHX case study, click here).

"I knew without a doubt that GHX was going to be the partner that would provide the single platform for all of our needs,”said MUSC Chief Supply Chain Officer Régine Honoré Villain, MPH. "GHX provided our team the tools and automation necessary for all stakeholders to access the information they need to make the right decisions.”

“As the second largest expense for healthcare organizations, the supply chain represents an area of significant savings as Honoré Villain and her team at MUSC have demonstrated through their work,"said GHX CEO Bruce Johnson. "Honoré Villain represents a new generation of healthcare supply chain leaders who are demonstrating how improvements in data integrity and business processes can have a tremendous impact on the bottom line."

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