Implantable Device Supply Chain (IDSC) Solutions Mark One Year Anniversary at 2014 GHX Healthcare Supply Chain Summit

Healthcare providers and suppliers get hands-on experience with IDSC while learning from peers who are already automating management of implantable devices
Louisville, CO — Monday, April 14, 2014

It’s been nearly one year since GHX announced the healthcare industry’s first solution for the Implantable Device Supply Chain (IDSC). At this year’s GHX Healthcare Supply Chain Summit (May 5 - 7 in Philadelphia), GHX will showcase IDSC success stories while offering providers and suppliers access to organizations already working on automating the management of implantable devices.

Recent GHX-sponsored research of hospital senior executives indicates that operating room supply chain deficiencies have slowed organizational decision-making, increased costs and inefficiency, and ultimately impacted the delivery of patient care. “Until suppliers and providers fully embrace technology to streamline processes and reduce waste, our nation’s healthcare system will never be able to lower costs for consumers in any meaningful way,” said Bruce Johnson, president and CEO, GHX.

To help hospitals and device manufacturers tackle this incredible challenge, GHX is offering a special IDSC education track at the upcoming GHX Healthcare Supply Chain Summit. In addition to live solution demonstrations*, training with subject matter experts, and access to the GHX IDSC product team all day Monday, May 5 as part of the Explore It! program and Tuesday, May 6 in the Learning Lab, conference attendees can attend three IDSC sessions on Tuesday, May 6:

Session 1 - The Reality of the Implantable Device Supply Chain—Providers and Suppliers Discuss the Benefits, Challenges and Opportunities with Matthew Mentel, Executive Director, Integrated Performance Solutions, Mercy, and Greg R. Wetzel, Senior Program Manager, Global Supply Chain (CDRM), Medtronic. Mercy and Medtronic are working to leverage the GHX Case Xpert tool and the information it shares. Both organizations have sought to achieve savings through process improvement, business simplification and improved information flow to enhance patient outcomes, economic value, and the quality of products and services. In this quest, they’ve recognized the value that can be derived through collaboratively reviewing how they conduct business together. During this session, they will talk about their progress and how successful collaboration requires healthcare trading partners to fundamentally change the way they engage and interact with each other.

Session 2 - Crossing the Threshold: The Steps to Take Today to Improve Your OR Processes in the Future with Nancy Ewing, Director, Supply Chain, and Jacque L. Poe, RN, BSN, CNOR, Clinical Coordinator - Operating Room, General, Plastics, GU and Dental, Exempla, part of Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth Health System. Healthcare providers and suppliers alike have the opportunity to reclaim the $5 billion lost annually in the IDSC as a result of waste, inefficiency and lack of visibility. But where do they start? In this session, Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth Health System will share how it automated processes using Case Xpert to significantly improve the accuracy, visibility and efficiency of implant management.

Session 3 - Signaling Demand: How Faster, More Accurate Demand Signals Boost Supplier Business Performance – and Customer Service - in the Implantable Device Supply Chain with Melanie Hutcherson, Manager, Sales Operations, Zimmer. In this session, orthopedics product supplier Zimmer will discuss how it’s leveraging Case Xpert in collaboration with provider customers to receive more timely and accurate demand signals that are automatically generated and communicated during OR workflows. With more comprehensive visibility into provider status, Zimmer can better serve its customers and boost efficiency in its business operations.

Now in its 14th year, the GHX Healthcare Supply Chain Summit is the world’s largest event for healthcare supply chain leaders, bringing together participants from across the industry to address critical issues within a collaborative environment. To view the complete agenda for the Summit or to register, visit

*Live product demonstrations of Case Xpert will be available based on this currently published schedule:


MTG ROOM 406-407

8AM - 9AM

Advanced Order Manager (for Providers)

9AM - 10AM

Implantable Devices - My Exchange Supplier &Order Intelligence (for Suppliers)

10AM - 11AM

Implant Consignment Orders (for Suppliers)

11AM - Noon

Case Xpert (for Providers and Suppliers)

1PM - 2PM

Advanced Order Manager (for Providers)

2PM - 3PM

Implantable Devices - My Exchange Supplier &Order Intelligence (for Suppliers)

3PM - 4PM

Implant Consignment Orders (for Suppliers)

4PM - 5PM

Case Xpert (for Providers and Suppliers)


MTG ROOM 406-407

12:30PM – 1:30 PM

Implantable Devices Overview (for Providers and Suppliers)

(Schedule is subject to change)

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