UW Department of Computer Science Partners with Health Care Company GHX

Louisville, CO — Wednesday, August 21, 2013

 The University of Wyoming Department of Computer Science welcomes health care supply chain technology company GHX as a partner in its Industrial Affiliates Program.

“The Industrial Affiliates Program provides a link between academia and our industry, which is important because the health care supply chain is quickly gaining visibility and growing in importance as hospitals look for ways to cut costs and become more efficient,”says Cheryl Flury, vice president of corporate communications at GHX. “There’s so much change happening in health care today, and we're excited about this opportunity to get connected to UW and provide input as to how its curriculum can support the complex needs of health care providers and manufacturers.”

Launched in the spring of 2013, the Department of Computer Science Industrial Affiliates Program links industry and business partners with UW faculty members and students. These constructive relationships benefit both sectors through open lines of communication and reduced recruitment costs.

UW faculty members are able to network with industry and business professionals within their field and exchange ideas, and students are able to network and to put their resumes before future employers. Industry partners enjoy invitations to program meetings and on-campus events, sponsorship of activities such as speaker series, access to future interns and employees, and recognition of their contributions.

“We are extremely pleased to be partnering with GHX,”says Jim Caldwell, head of the Department of Computer Science. “GHX is offering the kind of cutting-edge software careers we’re interested in providing to our students. They have a genuine interest in building a long-term collaboration with UW and the Department of Computer Science. Together, we have been exploring a number of collaborative projects in computer security and user interfaces that will be suitable for computer science interns and will give them some real-world industrial experience. It will also give GHX a chance to see our students in action.”
Fees associated with the program go toward department excellence funds to support activities not otherwise funded, including honoraria for outside speakers;student organization support;sponsoring travel to conferences;programming, contests and other meetings;scholarships;and the annual affiliate meeting.

Fees for the program range from $500 to $10,000 a year, depending on the size of the corporation. Other members include content creator PitchEngine.com, online marketer Cheyenne Technology, and HR software company Handel Information Technologies.

The UW Department of Computer Science is a nationally accredited program whose graduates are well prepared for careers in software design, networks and the Internet, computer programming, database design, artificial intelligence, management information systems, and robotics. UW faculty research continues to advance the field not only nationally but internationally, and the program offers outstanding facilities, including the Advanced Research Campus Computer, Mount Moran supercomputer, Big Horn Storage, Unix and Microsoft Windows workstations, and access to industry-leading software such as Oracle, Rational Suite, MS Dev Studio, Apache and Tomcat.

UW’s computational science curriculum supports learning for immediate needs as well as a foundation for lifelong learning, and small class sizes provide students with the opportunity to work one on one with professors.

For more information on the Industrial Affiliates Program, visit www.uwyo.edu/ceas/csiap or contact James Caldwell at jlc@uwyo.edu.

About GHX
Global Healthcare Exchange, LLC (GHX) is driving costs out of health care by transforming the health care supply chain. Working with providers and suppliers, GHX is accelerating change by providing a faster, more efficient and collaborative supply chain that will take billions of dollars out of the cost of health care. For more information, visit www.ghx.com and The Healthcare Hub.