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Collaborative Cost Savings and Improved Efficiency at GHX Healthcare Supply Chain Summit

GHX event promotes innovation among providers and suppliers to identify new ways to collaborate, optimize and build efficiency
Lousiville, CO - Wednesday, May 08, 2013 -

Today’s healthcare industry is in the midst of great change, yet it is also a time of great opportunity for providers and suppliers to embrace those changes and work collaboratively to create the future state of healthcare. The theme of the 2013 GHX Healthcare Supply Chain Summit (May 20-22 in Las Vegas) is “We are Change,”which reflects the urgent need for healthcare organizations to challenge the status quo, collaborate with supply chain trading partners and work to be the change agents for the new age of healthcare.

Bruce Johnson, CEO at GHX, will kick off the conference by challenging attendees to create a sense of urgency, think differently and embrace risk when it comes to the new healthcare industry. With the supply chain – the second largest and fastest growing expense in the industry – so critical to the success of this future state, Johnson’s keynote will be a call to action for attendees to make the supply chain a strategic enterprise initiative in order to introduce process efficiencies and automation, help drive costs out of healthcare and, ultimately, improve patient care.

Derek S. Smith, Chief Commercial Officer at GHX, will explore the significant industry opportunity in the implantable device supply chain (IDSC). Smith will walk attendees through today’s broken IDSC, which costs the industry an estimated $5 billion a year due to gross inefficiencies. Having driven great change 13 years ago with the formation of the largest trading community in healthcare, GHX is again in the role of industry change agent by delivering Case Xpert.  As healthcare’s first IDSC solution, Case Xpert acts as a “single source of truth”for manufacturers and hospitals by eliminating manual processes and offering real-time collaboration to bring efficiencies to the IDSC and save hard dollars in the process.

The two-day Summit is packed with case studies, panels and hands-on workshops devoted to the theme of “We are Change.”Additional Summit keynotes include:

  • Jason Jennings, author of the best-selling book, “The Reinventors – How Extraordinary Companies Pursue Radical Continual Change,”will share six points for healthcare organizations to embrace market change.
  • Teresa Dail, Chief Supply Chain Officer, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, and Tom Faciszewski, MD, Orthopedic Spine Surgeon, Marshfield Clinic, will discuss how supply chain and clinical teams can work together to leverage the supply chain to provide better patient care at lower costs.
  • Mark Laret, CEO at UCSF Medical Center, will offer the executive perspective on driving change within a healthcare organization and share his experiences in leading one of the most distinguished healthcare institutions in the world.
  • Kate Vitasek, founder of Supply Chain Visions, will talk about how healthcare can look to other industries to find examples of collaborative successes that accelerated the pace of innovation and created competitive advantages.
  • Sgt. Dakota Meyer, U.S. Marine Corps veteran and Medal of Honor recipient, will close out the Summit with his inspiring story of valor when, on Sept. 8, 2009, he saved the lives of 13 American soldiers and 23 Afghan troops. Meyer’s story is not only one of bravery, but it underscores the importance of taking advantage of opportunities, being accountable and the ever-present need for support and trust in every aspect of life.  

For more information on the GHX Healthcare Supply Chain Summit, the entire agenda can be viewed here. Follow the conference action in real-time by visiting the Healthcare Hub blog or following #GHX on Twitter.

About GHX
Global Healthcare Exchange, LLC (GHX) is driving costs out of healthcare by transforming the healthcare supply chain. Working with providers and suppliers, GHX is accelerating change by providing a faster, more efficient and collaborative supply chain that will take billions of dollars out of the cost of healthcare. For more information, visit www.ghx.com and The Healthcare Hub.