Item ConneXion

Consistently accurate item master data means fewer exceptions

With fewer dollars and staff resources, it is critical that small hospitals streamline workflows, prevent revenue leakage and take advantage of all the savings opportunities afforded to them. All health systems and hospitals, regardless of size, are feeling the pressure to deliver higher quality patient care at a lower cost. With fewer resources at their disposal smaller hospitals face greater challenges in this area, but they also stand to gain some of the biggest benefits. Just gaining access to supply data that is more accurate, up-to-date and standardized can result in significant savings by reducing ordering errors and providing accurate, robust data to various constituents across the organization.
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Manage your data, control your purchasing process

Item ConneXionSM is a self-service, web-based item catalog application designed to help improve consistency and accuracy of item master data. It provides an on-demand and easy-to-use solution for access to GHX’s proprietary item catalog. Item ConneXion allows healthcare systems to build and maintain an accurate item master to help reduce exceptions and improve efficiency for down-stream processes, for example in the electronic health record (EHR). Robust description management allows creation and maintenance of multiple descriptions, including customization of abbreviations and attribute order. Ultimately, achieve greater accuracy and consistency in descriptions that drives improvement not only in supply chain data, but for all downstream systems where those items may be used.
Manage your data, control your purchasing process

Accurate and synchronized supply chain data is the key for lean organizations to drive down costs. Item ConneXion is the data management solution that helps you get there by delivering accurate data into your internal systems and helping to reduce transaction errors.

Features & Benefits

  • Utilize up-to-date product information
  • Access to over 4 million enriched and validated medical-surgical supply items in the GHX catalog
  • Power Sourcing to load item data in bulk and return matched items from the GHX proprietary item catalog
  • Manufacturer and vendor part number lookup and validation
  • UNSPSC categorization
  • Customized item descriptions based on GHX attribution
  • Option for HCPCS lookup for reimbursement maximization
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Smaller healthcare providers can improve consistency and accuracy in their item master with Item ConneXion. Better data management helps to reduce ordering errors and provides more control over purchasing.

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