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90% of the U.S. acute care market relies on GHX solutions

“Our customers want to use EDI to conduct transactions. Our objective was to honor that request and use the transition as a way to improve customer service, while positioning the company for future growth.”

Uniting the best of healthcare

The number of trading partner connections established and managed by GHX
The number of healthcare provider facilities ( > 4,100 hospitals)
Transaction volume in the last 12 months

Connect with new and existing customers

Finding and vetting non-traditional suppliers and securing quality products were among the top challenges cited in a recent GHX survey of healthcare executives. With GHX, increase your visibility and anchor customer relationships in a trusted industry connection. 

Drive down the cost to serve, delight your customers and reduce expenses.

Customer-friendly e-commerce to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction and secure lasting trading partner relationships
Prepare for growth with continuous improvement in operating efficiencies
Maintain a customer-centric focus
Make informed decisions with visibility into order volume and trends
We offer solutions for every size organization and unique requirements.