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Vendormate contactless temperature checkpoint feature now available

date: Wednesday, December 2, 2020

GHX Vendormate has released a new product feature to assist healthcare facilities with screening vendors representatives’ temperature. This new feature allows your team to intervene in the badging process before reps enter your facility to help protect staff and patients. To remain compliant with new safety protocols, providers must have the ability to screen everyone coming into the hospital and document negative test results before they enter your facility.

How it works

Integrate badging with your temperature checkpoint process using a contactless feature in the Vendormate mobile app.

  1. Use the Vendormate mobile app to scan a rep’s QR code (or enter a 4-digit PIN), verify their identity and press either Pass or Fail after evaluating the rep’s temperature.
    • A rep receiving a Pass will be able to continue with their badging journey.
    • A rep receiving a Fail, or bypassing the checkpoint completely, will not be allowed to print a badge at the badging station or generate a digital badge.
  2. These transactions are automatically recorded in the Badging History section of the Vendormate app for easy access to information.

To implement this feature, reach out to your Credentialing Delivery Manager or visit > Contact Us.