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created: Monday, March 23, 2020 updated: Monday, April 06, 2020

The safety and health of our employees, customers and business partners is of the utmost importance to us. In an effort to limit the spread of COVID-19, GHX has made the decision to adjust travel restrictions for its employees as well as non-employee/non-contractor visitors to our buildings. The GHX Task Force routinely meets to regularly assess and adjust GHX policies in accordance with national and local public health authorities. We are also following the Centers for Disease Control (CDC)'s recommended illness prevention guidelines.

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  • All North American employees' international business travel has been restricted. 
  • At this time, employees are not restricted from travel between the United States and Canada.
  • Employees planning to travel to large in-person group meetings (20+ people) or large conferences are thoughtfully evaluating attendance with management. 
  • GHX has advised its staff to reschedule in-person meetings as teleconference meetings.

Non-Employee/Non-Contractor Office Visits

  • On-site visits from (i) vendors and consultants, (ii) interview candidates, and (iii) other visitors have been restricted to cases when there is a compelling and essential business reason for the visit.
  • Similarly, staff have been encouraged to move in-person meetings to teleconference. 

Cleaning and Safety Precautions

  • Staff will be provided with individual boxed meals.
  • Hand sanitizer (60%+ alcohol) and Clorox wipes have been provided throughout all GHX offices. 
  • Shared spaces are being diligently cleaned by office management cleaning staff across all GHX offices.
  • Extra cleaning supplies such as dishwasher detergent have been stocked across all GHX offices. 
  • Staff has been instructed not to use shared utensils, cups and plates and to instead use recyclable, single-use items. All GHX offices are being provided these materials.
  • Employees who are feeling ill or are care-giving for someone who is ill have been instructed to remain at home. They have also been referred to the CDC website on what to do when you're feeling sick.