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To the members of the GHX community who are working tirelessly to fight COVID-19:

This is a time of great uncertainty for us all. But we recognize there is even greater pressure on our healthcare providers and suppliers to have answers.

Patients are looking to caregivers to allay the fear their symptoms might be the coronavirus, for definitive diagnosis and a treatment path and how long it will take to fully recover. In turn, providers are looking to manufacturers who can reliably supply the critical medical equipment they desperately need – in the required quantity, in the shortest timeframe possible.

This dynamic ignited GHX to action. We created the COVID-19 Information Center to deliver the insights, data and tools to help our community tackle the pressing challenges of securing supplies, identifying clinically comparable product alternatives and setting up overflow care facilities. Our goal is to empower you to respond to the call for answers.

When GHX was founded 20 years ago there wasn’t a road map, but over time we collectively built an amazing community. This unprecedented time calls on us to re-imagine what healthcare’s ‘new normal’ looks like and we will build a stronger future together.

- Bruce Johnson

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

How to Set Up an Emergency Overflow Facility

As the number of COVID-19 cases continues to rise, healthcare system resources are being stretched to a breaking point. Should hospitals need to set up emergency overflow facilities to continue to treat patients, GHX has created a simple process to ensure medical supplies reach the new location quickly.

For healthcare providers: To add a new emergency facility location to your GHX account, please coordinate with your organization’s Supply Chain team. If you still have questions, you can reach out to GHX at It is recommended that you work with your distributor/supplier directly to coordinate the account number to be used. 

For distributors/suppliers: GHX strongly recommends following the standard process and monitoring GHX Registration Center for newly created accounts to ensure they are immediately enabled. To ensure there are no delays in delivering needed supplies to a new facility, GHX will process these requests after hours or over the weekend. Note transactions will not be processed unless the account is accepted by the distributor/supplier.