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G-Fax Continuity Efforts Update: Response to India Lockdown

date: Wednesday, March 25, 2020

India’s Prime Minister issued an order for a 21-day ‘total lockdown’ for all citizens beginning at midnight on March 24. In response to this news, we have efforts underway to help ensure that you continue receiving the reliable service to which you are accustomed. We do not expect this situation will have a significant impact on G-Fax but would like to provide an update on current business continuity efforts.

Workforce Productivity and Resourcing

We have successfully moved more than 80% of our G-Fax team to a remote workplace setting and have seen consistently high levels of delivery. These resources are also spread across three geographically diverse locations helping to reduce the risk associated with a single point of failure that may occur.

We have also proactively trained additional resources should GHX experience a potential dip in productivity in a specific geographical region or time zone. These additional resources will be able to augment the delivery team to assist GHX in maintaining the G-Fax service.

Document Processing

We are continuously monitoring volumes and turn-around-times. As of March 24, 98% of all documents were delivered within our expected handling time with the other 2% being completed within the following 30 minutes. No documents exceeded the additional 30-minute delivery window. Should document delivery exceed 90 minutes, you can expect GHX to communicate any delays and expected time to resolve.