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COVID-19 CEO Insights Series

GHX CEO Bruce Johnson introduces a new five-part video series in which he will share insights and observations crowdsourced from one of the largest healthcare communities in the industry. Tune in to celebrate healthcare community triumphs and learn how you can strengthen the healthcare supply chain and minimize financial risk during times of crisis.

Business Continuity Updates

date: Thursday, March 12, 2020

Given GHX solutions are a critical component to running the business of healthcare, our Chief Information Officer provided a detailed outline of GHX Business Continuity Plans earlier today. This post outlines five at-a-glance key takeaways:

  • GHX is currently experiencing no impact to our global operations. We do not currently anticipate any impact to the delivery of GHX services due to COVID-19 and we have implemented a multi-tiered risk mitigation strategy related to all GHX services.
  • Business continuity plans are routinely tested against a broad variety of scenarios. In alignment with modern industry standards, GHX has extensively planned for and tested against loss of services, staff and environments.
  • GHX’s products, services and systems are well-equipped for possible disruption. All of these components are architected and operated in an enterprise-grade, cloud-based and highly scalable platform, providing continuous operations and high availability. It also means personnel can operate, support and collaborate from any location, if need be. 
  • Critical technology vendors and partners are at the ready. GHX has established their readiness in the event of a possible disruption that affects service available or production datacenter locations.
  • GHX is continuing to monitor the situation and its potential impact. We are assessing internal and third-party services to ensure continuity plans are aligned with our business objectives.

GHX takes seriously our role in ensuring the effectiveness of our global healthcare network and believes these business continuity steps will meaningfully contribute to this mission.