COVID-19 Information Center

Hear from GHX CEO, Bruce Johnson

A Message to Our Community

To the members of the GHX community who are working tirelessly to fight COVID-19:

This is a time of great uncertainty for us all. But we recognize there is even greater pressure on our healthcare providers and suppliers to have answers.

Patients are looking to caregivers to allay the fear their symptoms might be the coronavirus, for definitive diagnosis and a treatment path and how long it will take to fully recover. In turn, providers are looking to manufacturers who can reliably supply the critical medical equipment they desperately need – in the required quantity, in the shortest timeframe possible.

This dynamic ignited GHX to action. We created the COVID-19 Information Center to deliver the insights, data and tools to help our community tackle the pressing challenges of securing supplies, identifying clinically comparable product alternatives and setting up overflow care facilities. Our goal is to empower you to respond to the call for answers.

When GHX was founded 20 years ago there wasn’t a road map, but over time we collectively built an amazing community. This unprecedented time calls on us to re-imagine what healthcare’s ‘new normal’ looks like and we will build a stronger future together.

- Bruce Johnson

Monday, March 30, 2020

Managing Critical Supply Shortages: Updated Reference List

As GHX continues to assist the healthcare community research alternative sources to help reduce shortages of critical medical supplies during COVID-19, we are expanding our critical supply list to include additional data, including potential supplier part numbers.

The reference files below represent SKU-level data for COVID-19 alternative supply categories, collected from GHX’s vast network of suppliers over the course of several years, and reviewed by GHX’s Content Operations team for completeness and standardization. While the majority of supplies within each file represent industry accepted substitutes, GHX has also included items which, based on a combination of UNSPSC and noun-type categorization, may serve a "comparable purpose" to help provider organizations identify potential alternatives to those supplies which are backordered across the U.S. Clinical experts at provider organizations and other users of this list are encouraged to consult this list to assist in identifying supplies and potential substitutes that may be effective in managing this fluid situation.

As a reminder, complimentary access to Lumere’s evidence-based research library of more than 34,000 drugs and devices is currently available through April 30, 2020, including a quick reference list of COVID-19-related supplies with potential shortages.

Reference list of vendors for critical supplies at risk of shortages, by product category

Product Category Product Sub-Category Download File Version Notes
Diagnostics ELISA and RT PCR Laboratory equipment and reagents ELISA and RT PCR Lab Equipment and Reagents Original File (3/23/2020)
Health facilities infrastructure and equipment Ambulance with air isolation systems for transport of contagious patients Please work with your local and/or state government to assist in coordinating resources  
Mobile, basic diagnostic X-ray system Pending File  
Portable ultrasound Portable Ultrasounds Original File (3/23/2020)
Resuscitator Resuscitators Original File (3/23/2020)
Medical triage/treatment/isolation facilities Please work with your local and/or state government to assist in coordinating resources  
Packaging transport substance for viral sample transport Viral Sample Transport Original File (3/23/2020)
Ventilators with portable and back-up power supply Ventilators Original File (3/23/2020)
Ventilator accessories Ventilator accessories New Category (3/30/2020) – Based on provider feedback
Personal protective equipment Gloves Gloves Original File (3/23/2020)
Gown, disposable, with elastic wrists Gowns Original File (3/23/2020)
Medical mask PPE Masks Original File (3/23/2020)
Surgical masks
N95 respirators N95 Respirators Original File (3/23/2020)
Eye/face shield Eye Face Protection Original File (3/23/2020)
Safety box/sharps container (must be labeled "Biohazard") Safety Box Sharps Containers Original File (3/23/2020)
Scrubs Medical Staff Apparel and Textiles Updated File (3/30/2020) – Added additional medical apparel (e.g. bouffants, shoe covers)
Drugs and medical consumables Paracetamol Pending File  
Oxygen Pending File  
Infusion compound (Ringer’s lactate) Ringer's Lactate Original File (3/23/2020)
Antibiotics (for secondary infection) Pending File  
Medical equipment Infrared thermometer Thermometers Original File (3/23/2020)
Laryngoscope, adult, child set Laryngoscopes Original File (3/23/2020)
Endotracheal tubes Endotracheal Tubes Original File (3/23/2020)
Oxygen concentrator Oxygen Concentrators Original File (3/23/2020)
Oxygen face mask with reservoir bag, disposable Oxygen Face Masks Original File (3/23/2020)
Pulse oximeter, portable Pulse Oximeters Original File (3/23/2020)
Sample collection tubes Sample Collection Tubes Original File (3/23/2020)
Swabs for buccal sample collection Swabs Original File (3/23/2020)
Swabs for nasal sample collection
Infusion setup including pump (need more specifics) Infusion Pump Kits Original File (3/23/2020)
Syringes: 0.5 ml autodestruct (AD) and 5 ml reuse prevention (RUP) Syringes Original File (3/30/2020)
CPAP masks CPAP masks New Category (3/30/2020) – Based on provider feedback
Nasal cannulas Nasal cannulas New Category (3/30/2020) – Based on provider feedback
Suction catheters Suction catheters New Category (3/30/2020) – Based on provider feedback
Advanced Home Care Kits for home isolation of asymptomatic cases or mildly symptomatic Please work with your local and/or state government to assist in coordinating resources  
Antivirals/vaccines (in development) Please work with your local and/or state government to assist in coordinating resources  
Disinfection consumables / biohazardous waste management Alcohol based hand-rub Hand Sanitizer Original File (3/23/2020)
Bag, disposable for biohazardous waste PPE and clinical waste without sharps Biohazard Bags Original File (3/23/2020)
Body bags (suitable for burial or cremation) Body Bags Original File (3/23/2020)
Disinfectant Disinfectant Original File (3/23/2020)
Soap, surgical Surgical Soap Original File (3/23/2020)
Set: mask, gel and soap for targeted population Pending File  
Chlorine Pending File