Company Information

January 2023

Company Overview:

GHX is a technology company that’s reducing the cost of doing business in healthcare.

We’ve built the GHX Global Network, the largest business community in healthcare, connecting supply chain, finance and clinical professionals with their suppliers and partners. Through our cloud-based technology, we’ve created a pioneering platform that makes it dramatically easier for customers to reduce costs and improve efficiencies. Together we take more than a billion dollars out of the cost of delivering healthcare every year1.

Today we are expanding our solutions to further enhance data management and allow integration of clinical and business systems, so customers realize even more savings. And unlike others in the market, we don’t shift costs but actually eliminate them, so within the GHX Global Network, hospitals stay focused on delivering quality care and suppliers can keep creating new life-saving products for patients.


March 29, 2000, by GE, Johnson & Johnson, Abbott, Baxter and Medtronic

Business Areas:

The primary product and service offerings of GHX include:

  • Automation of supply chain processes
  • Visibility to supply spend
  • Automation of procurement, content and contract management
  • Creating better business intelligence
  • Enablement of global data standards and synchronization
  • Vendor credentialing and management
  • Payment solutions

Simplify the patient-centered business of healthcare to improve outcomes.


More than 800 globally


GHX has operations in the United States, Canada and five European countries.

Worldwide Headquarters:

Louisville, Colorado

Other Office Locations:

- European Headquarters: Brussels, Belgium

- Omaha, Nebraska

- Chicago, Illinois


1Calculated for each individual customer account based on the Forrester TEI-certified calculation methodology and aggregated to generate the total savings for participating GHX providers and suppliers. TEI™ Compliance Statement: GHX commissioned Forrester Consulting to review the Provider solution ROI model in November 2014 using its proprietary Total Economic Impact™ methodology. Forrester deems that the Provider solution ROI model conforms to the TEI fundamentals and principles of a sound business case. The intent is for GHX to guide prospects through the questionnaire to solicit inputs specific to your business and technology environment. GHX is not permitted to change the calculations or equations. Forrester believes that this analysis is representative of what companies may achieve with GHX's Provider solution services based on the inputs provided and any assumptions made. Forrester does not endorse GHX or its offerings. Legal Disclaimer: Although great care has been taken to ensure the accuracy and completeness of this model, GHX and Forrester Research are unable to accept any legal responsibility for any actions taken on the basis of the information contained herein. The tool is provided ‘AS IS’ and GHX and Forrester Research make no warranties of any kind.