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Can a Digitalised Supply Chain Unlock Better Patient Safety?

Digitally transforming hospital and healthcare trust supply chain processes brings significant financial and efficiency benefits, but did you know it can also have a profoundly positive effect on patient safety? In the first of a series of articles, our Country Sales Manager for the UK & Ireland, James Minards, discusses how digital transformation of the healthcare supply chain can provide the key to unlocking much higher standards of patient safety.

How Data-Driven Automation Can Give Clinical Teams More Time with Patients

Healthcare providers have access to huge amounts of data, but is there an opportunity to use it more effectively to improve their processes and deliver better results for their patients? In his second article on digital transformation, James Minards, discusses how hospitals and trusts can use data to automate their procurement and inventory management and gain back valuable clinical time to spend on patient care.

A Digital Supply Chain Can Reduce the Burden on Frontline Healthcare Staff

How much of a benefit could a digitalised supply chain be for the clinical front line? James Minards looks at how automating procurement and inventory management operations can help healthcare providers reduce the amount of time doctors, nurses and care workers spend on non-clinical tasks.

The Healthcare Sector Should Look to The Supply Chain to Make Cost Savings

How do you cut costs without cutting services? In his final article on digitalisation of the healthcare supply chain, James Minards looks at how healthcare providers can make cost savings by reducing supply chain inefficiencies without affecting the quality and frequency of patient services.