clean, catalogue items

available via our cloud-based catalogue systems are ready to use for reduced error ordering and invoicing.

Access and manage catalogue data from suppliers in one place using our cloud-based catalogue system.

Managing catalogues and product information can be a very manually intensive process with data coming from lots of different sources. GHX has created NEXUS, the cloud-based catalogue system, that pulls catalogue data into one place, which can be accessed through an easy to search, web-based user interface. Over 350 healthcare suppliers across Europe, covering 80% of healthcare consumables and devices, already have their clean catalogue data in NEXUS. Access these or upload your own catalogue information, as well as manage your contracts using NEXUS. Accept or reject supplier updates and publish them to any requisitioner in your organisation. NEXUS connects with your hospital's ERP system, enabling you to use the most up-to-date data, as published by suppliers, when placing your orders.

Benefits to hospitals and GPOs


Access up-to-date catalogue data from your trading relationships in a consistent format. Because of our close content partnership, suppliers have already enriched their data in our systems, giving you ready access to this repository of accurate information. Your organisation will be working with the same data and you can upload any new contract or pricing quickly and push it to everyone in one click.

Valuable healthcare data you can trust


How it works


With NEXUS, data is stored in the cloud giving you access to it from multiple devices. Your suppliers will either have already loaded their information to our catalogues or you can load information directly from other systems or electronic sources. When a supplier makes any changes to their catalogue data you will receive an approve or reject notification for that change or you can upload or amend any information, such as pricing, through the simple user interface. 

Implementing NEXUS


We can integrate NEXUS into your local ERP system (Oracle, Aggresso, Integra, SAP and more) or you can access using any web enabled computer through our easy to navigate user interface. You will get a dedicated project manager to guide you through the short and simple set up process, giving you and your staff training on how to use the system. In addition, you can use this as an opportunity to one off cleanse of your entire catalogue data.



Find out how Leeds Teaching Hospitals utilise NEXUS, which covers 80% of the healthcare consumables and devices market, to deliver success and further innovation as part of the Scan4Safety program. 




Accurate, up-to-date data you can trust.


We hold thousands of current healthcare catalogues and deal with millions of transactions between healthcare suppliers and providers every year globally. This powerful combination gives us the know-how to enrich data to improve its accuracy and create information that is meaningful to help with your reporting and decision-making.

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