Giving you greater control over your supply spend

 Making it easy for requisitioners to find the right products at the right price can make a big difference when it comes to keeping on top of your healthcare procurement.

Over-complicated processes can encourage maverick spending and contract compliance issues. Approvals can get lost in a complex chain of requests, increasing time spent chasing up requests and reducing your ability to efficiently manage supplies.



Find items, approve purchases and submit orders in one easy workflow

GHX Procure Requisition Manager is designed to help staff quickly find what they need from an approved supply search and submit their request via an easy to use approval workflow, saving time and helping hospitals achieve greater control over spend.




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GHX Procure Requisition Manager

Key features and benefits

Set appropriate access responsibilities and defined product views for each user, to aid guided buying

Set appropriate access responsibilities and defined product views for each user, to aid guided buying

Increase catalogue purchases to reduce non-file spend and improve contract compliance
Approva Workflow

Highly advanced and customisable approval workflow, for more flexibility and control over your spend

Manage Approvals Via email

Manage approvals via email or mobile app to minimise delays

Easy Integration

Easy integration to your ERP as part of your existing procurement process flow

easy access to NEXUS item master

Provides easy access to your NEXUS item master data, giving you the most accurate, up‑to‑date catalogue and pricing data

user friendly experienceOffers a user-friendly item  search experience with dynamically maintained shopping and favourites lists
spend analytics

Robust reporting platform with customised spend analytics

Already have a requisition system?

GHX Procure Punchout

Designed for providers who already have their own requisition system, Punchout offers a direct connection to our industry‑leading catalogue item data.

Find the right products at the right price, then complete the process within your existing approval workflow.

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