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Transforming inventory management for healthcare providers

With growing demand for greater efficiencies, cost savings and better patient care, hospitals are under increasing pressure to improve their stock management processes. Lack of visibility can lead to over ordering and duplication of stock, increasing costs and wastage.

All your inventory management needs in one intuitive platform

GHX Procure Inventory Manager is designed to help improve patient safety and deliver Scan4Safety capability; giving healthcare providers greater visibility of stock, helping to reduce the risk of over ordering, prevent wastage, speed up recall and save on costs and clinical staff time.

Developed for use across clinical teams, facilities management, finance and IT, GHX Procure Inventory Manager can help you meet all your inventory management needs in one intuitive platform.

Benefits of GHX Procure Inventory Manager

Improve patient safety

Improve batch traceability and highlight potential issues with batch recall, expired stock and stock out notifications.

Greater visibility of stock

Keep track of the quantity and value of the stock you hold, reducing over ordering of stock items.

Easy integration

Connects to your existing ERP for easy stock requisition and purchase order generation.

Minimise wastage

Achieve more effective stock control and help reduce wastage by using items before they go out of date.

Save clinical staff time

Reduce the hours spent on managing and re‑ordering stock, giving your staff more time to focus on clinical tasks.

Reduce costs

Identify patient and procedure level costs, combined with consultant comparisons. Track and charge items to procedural costs.

More efficient procurement

Improve efficiency with standardised processes for stock replenishment, stock counts and goods receipting.

Easier supplier management

Easily identify incomplete, incorrect, delayed or missed deliveries, to help you stay on top of supplier performance.

Maximise space

Free up valuable storage space by reducing stock held to the right level, based on your hospital’s requirements.

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