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WebDirect - The simple, PEPPOL compliant, web-based order and invoice solution.

With the NHS driving for efficiencies, you and your customers need to eliminate manual transactions (orders and invoices) that are time consuming to process and can lead to errors. With access to WebDirect, you can manage transactions electronically between you and your customers in one place, eliminating the complexity of having different processes for different customers. It provides you with a certified PEPPOL Access Point, which is required to continue doing business with the NHS. It is very quick and simple to set up and use. All you need is an internet connection and log-in details.

Benefits to healthcare suppliers


WebDirect is the simple and affordable way to trade compliantly with the NHS. GHX is a certified PEPPOL Access Point that allows you to receive electronic purchase orders from your customers and create and send electronic invoices at the touch of a button. WebDirect gives you the benefits of supply chain automation without a large investment in infrastructure and set-up effort, reducing the time and cost of processing your manual error-prone orders.

Healthcare transactions made easier


How it works


Simply log in to WebDirect to see and manage all of your orders electronically in one place. Creating invoices for every order in the tool is quick and easy. A smart dashboard helps you to easily navigate through the workflow tasks. There is no additional software investment and your IT staff don't need to learn a complicated new system.

Implementing WebDirect


Setting it up is quick and easy. All we need to do is give you a log-in and then you can access the system through any internet-enabled device. Our simple and efficient registration process includes training you and your team members prior to going live.



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Future-proofed healthcare compliance


We help our customers to navigate the complex regulatory environment in healthcare. We engage in the legislative and regulatory processes to help decision makers consider impacts on the healthcare supply chain. Our solutions are designed to meet regulatory requirements across Europe and we continually work to future-proof our technology and processes.  

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