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that GHX processes in Europe are converted from poor quality, non-EDI formats and are sent directly to your ERP.

Increase your electronic order volume even from non-EDI capable customers.

Our Document Conversion Service takes documents in manual formats and converts them into a format that you can process directly in your ERP system, just like you would with a regular EDI order. Consolidate all of your order channels into one by using G-Fax, our fax and email to EDI conversion service available in 8 different languages.


Benefits to manufacturers and distributors


We help you automate the manually intensive side of order processing, so that your customer service teams can concentrate on customer care. By converting fax, email and computer generated orders into electronic orders that flow directly into your system, we can significantly increase the number of orders that require minimal intervention from you. This can significantly improve your customer experience and reduce cost to serve.

Healthcare transactions made easier


How it works


With G-Fax, faxes, PDF or email orders, sent to you from hospitals, are re-routed through our system to our data entry team for accuracy checking and processing - all done shortly after the order is received. We then forward the order directly into your ERP, including the original document.

Implementing our Document Conversion Service


A dedicated technical account manager works with you to implement the service. Through assessment of your order content, set-up and multiple tests of the service using real examples of your orders we make sure everything is well prepared and understood before you go live. We also provide ongoing operational support once you are up and running.



In just 12 months, Smiths Medical consolidated and optimized the transaction process with provider customers across 10 European countries using GHX solutions, achieving efficiency gains of approximately 25%, and a "customer-first culture". 

Accurate, up-to-date data you can trust


We hold thousands of current healthcare catalogues and deal with millions of transactions between healthcare suppliers and providers every year globally. This powerful combination gives us the know-how to enrich data to improve its accuracy and create information that is meaningful to help with your reporting and decision-making.

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