20+ Years
healthcare expertise

working with hospitals and manufacturers to drive out cost and optimise their supply chains, gives us unrivalled know-how.

Our expert advice and hands on support allows you to optimise your supply chain for competitive advantage.

Enhance your ability to meet the requirements of your customers with a supply chain optimised by our experts. Our approach is to work with each client individually to scope out your specific needs and the level of support that you require. We are intimately familiar with the systems and processes that comprise most healthcare supply chains. With years of consulting expertise and learning from other industries, we offer a wide range of specialty skills and knowledge.

How we can help


Supply chain enhancement

  • GS1 and PEPPOL adoption plans
  • System and process opitmisation
  • Catalogue and data management

Procurement Improvement

  • Order-to-Cash (O2C) process improvement
  • GHX PEPPOL acceleration (GPA)
  • GHX product training and optimisation

NHS eProcurement Strategy Compliance

GHX provides advice and support for any organisation (provider and supplier) looking to comply with the mandates of the NHS eProcurement Strategy, published in May 2014, such as GS1 data and PEPPOL messaging standards adoption.

How it works


Get in touch to tell us your challenges. We pull together a team with the right skill set to tackle your issues and work to embed them in your organisation. We always provide a managing consultant to act as your single point of contact throughout the duration of the project.  



"What BCH required was a complete support service to act seamlessly as an extension of our in-house team. We required advice and guidance at a senior, strategic level, full project management of our CIP, and proactive practical steps to significantly reduce our non-PO spend."

Future-proofed healthcare compliance


We help our customers to navigate the complex regulatory environment in healthcare. We engage in the legislative and regulatory processes to help decision makers consider impacts on the healthcare supply chain. Our solutions are designed to meet regulatory requirements across Europe and we continually work to future-proof our technology and processes.