Data Optimisation

94+ product attributes

are required by the NHS eProcurement Strategy and there are many more required by some European and US legislation.

We can help you populate them.

Quality data is essential for an optimised and compliant supply chain

We have a dedicated and experienced team who will cleanse your catalogue data and classify it according to the latest standards (e.g., NHS-eClass), adding attributes and enriching the data where needed. We can do all of this as a one-off exercise or as an ongoing service if your data changes frequently, helping you to comply with national and international data and patient safety standards.

Benefits to manufacturers and distributors

Quality, accurate data is key to optimising the purchase-to-pay cycle. Improving the quality of your data that you and your customers use can reduce the error rate on orders and invoice discrepancies that you have to handle. It can also optimise procurement and clinical processes, helping you improve customer satisfaction. In addition, we can assist you to make your data compliant with specific market requirements. 

Valuable healthcare data

How it works

Provide us with your catalogue and our expert data analysts will go through it line by line, checking it and advising what action needs to be taken to improve it. This is an entirely bespoke service as everyone's catalogue information is different. Our experts deal only with healthcare data and know what is required in the markets you operate - the standards, attributes and formats needed to help you to be compliant. Contact our team for more information.

The perfect service to complement HealthNEXUS

If you have HealthNEXUS, our cloud-based catalogue solution, then this is the perfect complementary service. If you are anxious about the quality of your data and are worried that it is missing key information that will make it compliant, then our experts can review it as it is loaded to HealthNEXUS and on an ongoing basis to keep it clean.

Up-to-date, accurate data you can trust

We hold thousands of current healthcare catalogues and deal with millions of transactions between healthcare suppliers and providers every year globally. This powerful combination gives us the know-how to enrich data to improve its accuracy and create meaningful information to help with your reporting and decision-making.