Your upgrade to GHX Procure


As an existing PowerGate customer, we will be upgrading you to GHX Procure in the near future, so you can access all the benefits of more efficient procurement and inventory management.

Our upgrade team will manage the process for you, and your GHX Key Account Manager will be on hand throughout to help with any queries. We’ve also put together the FAQs below, to answer some of the key questions you may have about the upgrade and your new GHX Procure solutions.

If you would like to speak with us about your upgrade, please email or contact your Key Account Manager.

What is GHX Procure?

GHX Procure is our advanced suite of procurement and inventory management solutions designed especially for healthcare providers, to help you increase the efficiency of your healthcare supply chain.

GHX Procure Requisition Manager

With GHX Procure Requisition Manager, you can manage all your purchasing requests and approvals in one place and reduce maverick spending with end-to-end visibility of every transaction – from initial request to final approval.

GHX Procure Inventory Manager

GHX Procure Inventory Manager is designed to give you greater visibility of the stock you hold, to help reduce over ordering, prevent wastage, improve patient safety, and save on costs and clinical staff time.


Existing PowerGate customers will be upgraded to our advanced procurement and inventory management platform, GHX Procure. Our upgrade team will carry out an initial evaluation of your current PowerGate systems and processes. The outcome of this will determine which module(s) of GHX Procure you will need to replace PowerGate.

All PowerGate upgrades will need to be completed by the end of 2022.

The GHX Procure platform has been developed for healthcare providers, using the latest technology to support best practice in supply chain and inventory management. Our cloud-based solutions offer the easy functionality of an online shopping platform, combined with efficient workflow, approval and stock management processes to help you achieve smarter, more efficient procurement and inventory management.

Find out more about GHX Procure

We will aim to gradually implement your upgrade to Procure in multiple stages over a number of months. This allows us to:

  • Embed, test and implement required process changes to support a smooth transition
  • Compare existing and new process and functionalities to align with the needs of your organisation.

Once we have completed the initial assessment and identified the GHX Procure modules you will need, our team will conduct a more comprehensive evaluation of your current processes and utilisation of GHX PowerGate. This will provide you with the details you need for the transition, including a benefit and gap analysis, estimated timescales and an outline plan.

We will initially upgrade one area before this can be rolled out to other parts of your organisation. This will allow us to identify organisational nuances that may recur with further implementations (such as alignment with finance processes, data gathering approaches etc.)

Depending on the needs of your organisation, the upgrade to GHX Procure may impact the following areas:

  • Requisitioning Points
  • Inventory Stores
  • Top-Up Locations
  • Receipt and Distribution
  • Financial/AP Accounting
  • ERP PO Traffic Management

GHX Procure Inventory Manager gives you immediate access to track, trace and record GTIN-labelled products from catalogue, to receipt, issuing to a patient, and replenishments. This includes sending consignment usage details, such as serial number, lot number and expiry dates, to suppliers.

Experts from our upgrade team will manage the process for you, however we will need to ask you to provide information or complete certain tasks at key points during the upgrade. Your Key Account Manager will discuss this with you and will be available throughout the process to answer any questions you may have.

No, PowerGate Pharmacy is not part of this upgrade and will continue to run and be supported as normal.