We work with hospitals across Europe, providing both technology and consulting services, to help them automate their supply chains to save them time, cost and improve patient outcomes. We enable them to place orders quickly, using the right data, which in turn makes it more likely that the right product will be delivered to the right patient.



We work with GPOs to provide the supply chain technology they need to connect all of their member hospitals and give them access to a wide range of suppliers. Our technology not only helps to ensure that all their members are operating in the same efficient way, but it also allows them to aggregate demand. 



Our technology and support allow healthcare manufacturers to move towards touchless ordering. Our cloud-based catalogue tools and document conversion services enable them to share correct product and pricing information with their trading partners and drive automation of business transactions, meaning they serve their customers faster and at a lower cost.



We work with healthcare distributors, providing one-to-many connectivity to their customer network, resulting in visibility and control of their supply chain data - what is being ordered each day, month and year. It allows them to plan their business more effectively and pre-order where necessary.



We engage in the legislative and regulatory processes to help decision makers consider impacts on the healthcare supply chain. In addition, due to the size of the GHX community, we can bring the healthcare industry together, providing a forum for discussion and to pilot new initiatives.

What we do