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How to make a more sustainable healthcare supply chain
Healthcare Global

The COVID-19 pandemic has made medical waste more visible than ever due to an increase in single use plastic and PPE. Kevin Sample discusses how the global healthcare supply chain can become more sustainable, in this article for Healthcare Global.

Ending the Global Pandemic Starts with an Adaptable Supply Chain
Journal of mHealth

As countries like the UK, the US and Israel near the completion of their vaccine rollouts, attention has turned to efforts to vaccinate the rest of the world. In this article for The Journal of mHealth, James Minards looks at the best practice steps the healthcare supply chain can follow in order to meet the challenges of a global vaccine rollout over the next year.

Positive response from healthcare industry as GHX Procure launches to UK healthcare providers

The launch of our new GHX Procure platform to UK healthcare providers has generated a very positive response from the healthcare industry and received a significant amount of press coverage from key industry publications. You can access links to all of the articles here.

GHX Procure Offers Hospitals More Efficient Supply Chain Management
Journal of MHealth

The Journal of MHealth covers the launch of our new GHX Procure platform to UK healthcare providers and how our work with Dorset Healthcare University NHS Trust has helped support its COVID-19 vaccination programme.

GHX Launches Procure Platform to Give UK Healthcare Providers More Control over Requisition and Inventory Management

Global Healthcare Exchange (GHX) announces the launch of our GHX Procure platform to healthcare providers in the UK. GHX Procure is a cloud-based requisition and inventory management solution which gives Integrated Care Systems, hospitals and Trusts real-time visibility of their inventory and allows for automated purchasing of supplies and medical equipment. GHX Procure has been designed to help free up healthcare professionals from manual supply chain management tasks and allow them to focus on their frontline roles.

How to manage the global healthcare supply chain in a post-COVID world
Logistics Voices

What lessons can healthcare supply chains learn from the pandemic, and how can they use this learning to build back better in the post-COVID world? Kevin Sample discusses why increasing the digitalisation of inventory management, continuing to harness the power of data and embracing the potential of new technologies will help the healthcare sector adapt for the future.

How COVID-19 has transformed the healthcare supply chain
Building Better Healthcare

Over the past year, the UK’s healthcare supply chains have evolved to try to tackle supply management flaws highlighted by the COVID pandemic. But how can we expect to see these changes continue to evolve beyond the end of COVID-19? Kevin Sample shares his thoughts in this article for Building Better Healthcare.

How healthcare can learn from Netflix
Health Tech World

How can healthcare can learn from Netflix? In this article for Health Tech World, James Minards looks at how using data and predictive analytics can help achieve a level of personalised service tailored to individual patients' needs, and the four best practices that healthcare providers need to focus on to achieve the 'Netflix Effect'.

How to build a more resilient healthcare supply chain
Supply Chain Digital

Based on insight from a tumultuous year, Kevin Sample looks at four areas the healthcare industry needs to focus on to build a more resilient supply chain to deal with future health emergencies, in this article for Supply Chain Digital.

Why non-acute settings need to enter the digital age
Global Health & Pharma News

Much attention was paid to stock levels in front-line healthcare settings during the pandemic, yet the same supply chain problems in non-acute settings were initially overlooked. James Minards discusses how the digital approach that has helped transform hospital inventory management and requisitioning, might help Community Trust settings manage future crises.

Raconteur - Reworking the supply chain
The Times

The world of procurement was turned upside down by supply shocks in 2020, but lessons learnt from the pandemic could improve supply chains in the long run.

Kevin Sample focuses on how the supply chain has learned lessons to become more data-driven as a result of the pandemic, in this Procurement & Supply Chain Innovation special report for The Times newspaper.

Three key challenges for the Covid vaccine supply chain
Supply Management

As the Covid-19 vaccination programme is rolled out, demand for full vaccination kits which include syringes, glass and personal protective equipment (PPE) is likely to put a strain on the supply chain. Kevin Sample explains how a data-enabled supply chain can help the vaccine rollout, in this timely article for Supply Management.

Raconteur - Reforming procurement to build trust
The Times

2020’s supply chain challenges show that the public sector needs a proactive approach to avoid critical shortages in areas like healthcare. Kevin Sample discusses demand forecasting for procurement and the use of clean, connected data in this Public Sector Technology special report for The Times.

How data can support the fight against COVID-19
Health Tech Digital

As we approach the winter flu season, the added pressure of the rising numbers of COVID-19 cases poses a challenge for global healthcare supply chains. Healthcare suppliers and providers need to minimise the risk of repeating the PPE shortages at the beginning of the pandemic. To do this, many are turning to data, automation and AI to ensure they are adequately prepared for any spikes in demand.

GHX unveils five predictions for Healthcare Supply Chain in 2021

While COVID-19 highlighted fissures in the global healthcare supply chain, it also underscored the importance of the supply chain in driving healthcare’s digital transformation. As healthcare forges a path to financial recovery and improved patient care delivered at lower cost, expect to see a focus on building more resilient supply chains through greater levels of collaboration among stakeholders and the adoption of cloud-based technologies and data automation.

COVID-19: the catalyst for a more resilient supply chain
Health Tech World

The COVID-19 crisis has been a huge challenge to the global healthcare industry in many different ways, but it has also been the spark to re-evaluate previously accepted practices and processes and innovate across the sector.

GHX Europe COVID-19 Information Center

As the situation surrounding COVID-19 continues to evolve, we have created a GHX COVID-19 Information Center, as an online resource for sharing timely updates about GHX business operations.

GHX Hosts Healthcare Organisations and Leaders at 2nd Annual User Forum -

More than 60 delegates from NHS Trusts, suppliers, providers and industry stakeholders gathered in Birmingham at the 2019 GHX User Forum for two days of networking and learning.

GHX Completes Acquisition of Medical Columbus Assets and Employees

Acquisition adds solutions in Europe while expanding GHX’s supply chain business process network for both healthcare providers and suppliers 

GHX confirmed as Trust’s partner for cloud-based catalogue management

Partnership will help enable the Trust and hosted Shared Service, SmartTogether, to help realise true efficiencies and savings through the application of GHX’s market leading healthcare technology

Simple, efficient eInvoicing meets requirements across Europe through a single connection

New GHX eInvoicing Solution Helps Healthcare Suppliers Meet EU Directives

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Towards Better NHS Procurement 2021

30th September 2021


We are pleased to be sponsoring Towards Better NHS Procurement 2021. Hosted by the Institute of Government and Public Policy (IGPP) this online event will focus on how the NHS procurement landscape is changing in line with government reforms, the impact of net-zero targets and how to achieve sustainable procurement.



Healthcare Partnership Network South 2021

19-20 October 2021

Horwood House, Milton Keynes

The GHX team will be joining NHS senior leaders and healthcare suppliers at the two-day Healthcare Partnership Network South event in Milton Keynes.



HCSA 2021 Conference

24-25 November 2021
Harrogate International Conference Centre

We'll be attending the HCSA Annual Conference and Exhibition at the Harrogate International Conference Centre, where we'll be introducing our new requisition and inventory management solution, GHX Procure. If you're planning to attend and you'd like to discuss how we can help you transform your procurement processes, please email us.