Why Should You Automate the Implant Case-to-Cash Process? | GHX

Scott Kelley

Vice President of North American Sales and Marketing
Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Why Should You Automate the Implant Case-to-Cash Process?

Did you know that inefficient, manual processes and lost, wasted and expired products result in $5 billion in loss each year for healthcare? Providers and suppliers are losing significant money due to poor management of implantable devices. In the age of healthcare reform – where everyone is under intense pressure to reduce costs – waste like this simply can’t continue. 

Denise Odenkirk, senior director, industry solutions at GHX, delved into this issue in more detail with The Journal of Healthcare Contracting. In her article, Denise talks about proven best practices providers and suppliers can take together to create an automated implantable device supply chain. Automation eliminates discrepancies and wasted time – and is happening today with healthcare organizations looking to chip away at that $5 billion in losses.

Click here to read Denise’s article in full.