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GHX empowers healthcare organizations to maximize savings and enable better patient care using our world class cloud-based supply chain technology exchange platform, solutions, analytics and services.

Challenges We Solve for Providers

Look beyond product price and uncover inefficiencies and waste in your procure-to-pay processes
As a healthcare supply chain professional, leadership is increasingly turning to you for ways to eliminate costs from your organization – and there is only so much you can do to negotiate lower prices for med-surg supplies. Through automation you can do more with less while improving accuracy and driving down costs.
Do you have visibility into your on-contract versus off-contract spend?
Manufacturer and supplier contracts can save you significant money, but off-contract purchases by requisitioners cause organizations to lose out on thousands of dollars in savings. Take control over contract management and start saving more today.
Do you have enough visibility into your procure-to-pay process?
Can you pay your suppliers within the terms you negotiated to take advantage of additional savings opportunities? Find out how you can automate and streamline the payment process to get the most out of your contracts.
Is inaccurate, incomplete and irrelevant data causing errors throughout your organization?
The item master is the center of your universe, driving a broad range of business and clinical processes. See how to clean up your item master – and keep it clean – using an automated approach to master data management.
Leading healthcare organizations are improving patient care quality through supply standardization
Many are seeing significant cost reduction as a result. Do you have access to the information you need to collaborate with clinicians on standardization initiatives? Gain full visibility into your supply spend and uncover opportunities for clinical and financial improvements.
Managing facility access is critical to compliance
Having the wrong rep in the wrong place at the wrong time in your facility can jeopardize patient safety and put your organization at risk for noncompliance. Learn how you can gain greater control over supplier and rep interactions.

Challenges We Solve for Suppliers

Are your order-to-cash processes impeding growth?
You want to boost revenue but don't want to increase costs at the same time by adding headcount to your customer service and accounts receivable (AR) departments. Find out how to grow your business while reducing operating expenses and improving customer satisfaction and experience.
Are you losing revenue as a result of incorrect contract pricing – do you have the visibility to even know?
Thousands of product price changes happen across the industry every day and if you’re still relying on manual processes to manage them, you’re likely losing out. Learn how you can gain greater visibility into your contract data and take control of pricing updates so that you can reduce revenue leakage and identify new opportunities.
Are your disjointed supply chain and finance operations allowing customers to “double dip”?
When these functions are not aligned, customers could be both paying with a credit card and taking an early pay discount. By breaking down functional silos you can gain visibility into these and other issues and then apply automation to prevent them from happening in the future.
Shouldn't you derive business value from your UDI implementation investment?
Find out how a broader master data management strategy allows you to both comply with the FDA’s UDI rule and reduce operating costs throughout the supply chain.
Are your product development sales and marketing strategies based on intuition and best guesses?
What if you had immediate access to accurate and timely direct and distributed sales data on which to base your decisions? Gain a competitive advantage with a data-driven strategy.
Do your reps spend too much time managing customer credentialing requirements?
Time that would be better spent on sales and customer support. Do they struggle to keep up with changing demands that vary from one facility to the next? Learn how to keep your reps compliant and sales-ready.

Cost savings and business benefits enabled by the GHX platform for a healthcare provider and a healthcare manufacturer based on the Forrester Total Economic Impact model.

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