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Provider Intelligence

Greater visibility.
Informed decisions.
Bottom-line savings.

Greater Transparency Drives Supply Chain Success

Visibility into operational and financial performance helps you gain a better understanding of your supply chain performance and clarity on where to focus efforts. However, getting comprehensive information in a meaningful and useful way to help drive improvements can be challenging. With Provider Intelligence, you get a current picture of spend and operational efficiency based on aggregated data from multiple sources including your ERP/MMIS and GHX solutions. This holistic view with simple data visualizations help you determine your most efficient suppliers — reducing exceptions and increasing contract utilization for bottom-line savings.

Prioritize your supply chain efforts and initiatives

Provider Intelligence is a cloud-based application that measures and tracks supply chain metrics providing you with greater visibility into operational and financial performance. Using interactive graphs and charting tools to visually represent key performance indicators (KPIs), you are able to prioritize supply chain efforts and initiatives based on current data and peer insight. You can quickly leverage this information to set performance goals and assess where efforts are being wasted or money is being lost with simple setup and user enablement.


  • Enhance visibility into supply chain performance specific to spend, contract and GHX KPIs
  • Easily detect performance trends over time and point in time
  • Prioritize supply chain efforts and initiatives more effectively with data-driven insight
  • Set goals and track progress toward GHXcellence award criteria
  • Identify GHX utilization, trading partner exceptions, off-contract spend and other spend insights


  • Visibility into operational and financial metrics
  • Aggregated data from multiple ERP/MMIS systems and GHX Exchange, contract and content activity
  • Interactive graphs and charting tools provide an intuitive analytics platform to track key performance indicators
  • Robust raw data reporting for deeper analysis
  • GHX community insight for performance comparison against all others in the community
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Provider Intelligence