Get Control Over Contracting — Start to Finish

Contract management is complicated by huge volumes and frequent changes in price and product activations. Managing the details of vendor validation and complicated negotiation/approval processes adds another level of complexity. GHX helps you manage the complete contracting workflow — from validation of vendors, negotiation and approval workflow through price exception resolution — for significant price alignment.

One solution for your complete contract lifecycle

Solve the challenge of managing negotiations, document workflow, vendor validation, and storage of contracts and documents in a single product. Contract Manager Xpert provides an easy way to stay on top of dates, terms and current contact information while maintaining pricing accuracy.

GHX Procure Punchout

Reign in maverick spending

Manage spend with formulary driven requisitioning where users are presented with approved product options using the GHX Procure punchout module to access the GHX Catalog — a supplier-populated repository containing cleansed, normalized and enriched item data. Behind the scenes a proprietary algorithm discerns those files that align with your formulary to drive contract compliance and simplify the search and selection process. This is all accomplished from your existing procurement requisitioning solution.

Get control of contract price alignment

Reduce contract price exceptions to as low as one percent with Price Sync Managed Service providing a dedicated focus on price alignment. This proactive approach identifies and addresses data inaccuracies before they result in time-consuming and costly exceptions.

Drive More On-File and On-Contract Spend by Leveraging the GHX Procurement Solution

Drive More On-File and On-Contract Spend by Leveraging the GHX Procurement Solution

Healthcare systems need a way to automate and manage procurement to drive on-file and on-contract spend. This large, multi-institutional healthcare system expanded its use of the GHX e-procurement punchout solution to increase contract compliance and manage spend.

A Strategy to Significantly Reduce Price Exceptions

A Strategy to Significantly Reduce Price Exceptions

Reducing price exceptions can yield great savings. The trick is in continuous improvement by getting to the root cause of the problem. We pull back the curtain to show you how we get results.