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GHX Gets Mobile

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Let’s face it – we are an increasingly mobile world. Smart phones and tablets are ubiquitous and there is an app for pretty much everything. The ability to perform tasks on the go means we can do what we want, when we want to do it - boosting efficiency and improving access to information. As a company that is all about making it easier and more cost-effective for healthcare providers and suppliers to do their jobs, GHX is adding mobile functionality to those solutions where customers will gain the most value and achieve the greatest impact.

One of the ways we’ve identified mobile app opportunities is through our recent GHX Hackfest event, which promotes product innovation within the company. Some of our best ideas have come from our support analysts who speak with customers each day and understand their challenges. One area where our customers have voiced a need for mobile capabilities is vendor credentialing.

Healthcare providers need access to suppliers and their products in order to deliver patient care, but they also need to provide a safe environment for patients. That means knowing who is in their facility at a moment’s notice. Vendor credentialing solves the problem by enabling provider organizations to restrict access to only those suppliers and their reps who have met their requirements (e.g. policy acknowledgements, immunizations).

But, the traditional approach where providers and suppliers can only access the credentialing solution via a desktop or laptop creates roadblocks. Let’s say a vendor rep has an appointment with a physician but for some reason his/her badge was rejected upon entry to the facility. The rep is left scrambling while trying to figure out the issue and how to resolve it, and the physician is left waiting at the expense of valuable time. We conducted research on the 210,000 provider and suppliers using of the GHX Vendormate Credentialing solution and found: 

  • 48% of reps said they have missed out on sales opportunities due to not following a hospital's credentialing requirements
  • There was an average of almost 20,000 badge rejections per month due to missing or incomplete requirements that led to insufficient registrations
  • One third of vendor reps reaching out to the Vendormate Credentialing Support team need assistance with checking their registration status to gain entry into hospitals

To help vendors overcome these issues, and help provider organizations maintain safe and productive relationships with the vendors they rely on for critical supplies, GHX has introduced Vendormate Credentialing mobile apps. GHX offers a Vendormate Credentialing mobile app for both providers and suppliers. That way, both parties can quickly access the information they need throughout their workdays.

These mobile functionality enhancements and additions save the vendor reps time by eliminating the need to address outstanding items through a web browser while on the road or calling into GHX Support for assistance while out making customer visits. Reps can use their mobile devices to pull up the app and finalize outstanding compliance needs before visiting their hospital location appointment.

For example, if a vendor finds that his/her profile needs are incomplete and hindering an appointment sign-in at the hospital location, he/she can upload his/her badge photo and acknowledge the hospital’s policies from the mobile device. If outstanding compliance needs occur, the mobile app has streamlined support contact access.

On the provider side, those in charge of vendor access can have immediate access if someone without the proper credentials is trying to access their facility. They can also set up a notification to be alerted if a non-compliant rep attempts to print badges from a kiosk location. That way they can address a non-compliant sign-in attempt immediately, instead of addressing the issue in the future when pulling the report.

Via the mobile app, provider organizations also have real time access to rep visit details (e.g. sign-in, department visiting, person meeting, sign-out) and can quickly connect with vendor reps if needed (e.g. to discuss billing concerns, outstanding supply chain requests, etc.).

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